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"As long as human rights are violated, there can be no foundation for peace. How can peace grow where speaking the truth is itself a crime?"
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WTN Archives: December, 2006

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Sunday, December 3

1. Nehru backed 'independent' Tibet: declassified Chinese records (PTI)
2. History and truth
3. Nehru backed `independent` Tibet: Chinese records (Zee News)
4. China cracks down on Tibetan prisoner: report (IANS)
5. Fears for welfare of Tibetan prisoner following meeting with UN Rapporteur
6. Global day of action for Tibetan Detainees (SFT)
7. India wants consulate in Lhasa, Beijing says sorry (IE)

Monday, December 4

1. Nehru backed independent Tibet: Chinese records (PTI)
2. International Tibet Support Network European Tibet Groups Meeting (ITSN)
3. Beijing steps up movement to integrate Tibet
4. Perfidy re-incarnate (HT)

Wednesday, December 6

1. Abuse in job allocation in Tibet drives students to streets (TibetNet)
2. Blood appeal campaigning & satyagrah for save Tibet save Humanity,save Tibet secure India
3. Education Kalon inaugurates Tsenyi Printing Press (TibetNet)
4. New head for China's Youth League (Reuters)

Thursday, December 7

1. Imperial Red China
2. The Forgotten anniversary
3. Tibetan leader opposes China's stand on Arunachal
4. Dalai Lama to teach in Indiana next fall (AP)
5. 'Atrocities against Tibetans on rise'

Thursday, December 8

1. Tibetans have dual reason to celebrate 10 December (
2. Tibetan Business Watch (
3. UN Watch urges UN to discuss human rights violations in Tibet (ICT)
4. Dalai Lama's supporters should stop 'splitting the motherland' (PTI)

Sunday, December 10

1. Dharamshala celebrates Nobel Peace Prize day with fanfare (
2. International Human Rights Day (TCHRD)
3. US speaker Nancy Pelosi appeals for human rights in China (
4. International Human Rights Day observed with protest rally in London
5. Tibetan Programme
6. Tibet, Now (NYT)
7. Miss Tibet goes global! (IANS)
8. Lets meet in Ludhiana, His Holiness says to Indian entrepreneurs (

Monday, December 11

1. China curbs Everest climbers 'for Olympics' (TOI)
2. Antarashtrya Bharat Tibbat Sahyog Samiti observes International Human Rights Day (ITCO)
3. "Little Lhasa" Released in Mumbai (FOT)
4. International Human Rights Day observered in Toronto
5. TVA commemorates the Nobel Peace Prize Day on a green note
6. In the Himalayas, a former Buddhist kingdom struggles to retain its identity (AP)
7. A jealous husband, a pregnant wife and murder in the land of the hippies (DM)

Tuesday, December 12

1. India halts Tibetans' 'go-west' plans (IANS)
2. His Holiness congratulates new UN secretary general (
3. Human Rights rally in the Heart of New York City
4. Tibetans and Tibet Supporters observed International Human Rights Day in Swiss

Wednesday, December 13

1. Felonious Monk - What's the deal with the Dalai Lama?
2. Little Lhasa released in Dharamshala (
3. Tibetans in Italy celebrates 17th Anniversary of Noble Peace prize to His Holiness
4. Dalai Lama plans Indiana visit
5. China remains a challenge

Thursday, December 14

1. New exit permit regulations to facilitate Tibetans' travel abroad (
2. "A celebration of peace, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, human rights, & community" in San Francisco, US
3. No takers for the Dalai Lama's middle way (NST)
4. Twenty-four seven Tibet (TTT)
5. Rampa Makes International Appearance At ELF Cup 2006
6. Tibet Foundation Day 2006 - Celebrating 21 Years of successfully helping the people of Tibet & their Buddhist culture

Sunday, December 17

1. Norway Welcomes Tibetan longest serving Female Political Prisoner.
2. Dalai Lama at Sarnath (PTI)
3. Kalon Tripa to address Tibet festival in Italy (
4. Project connects student from the three continents with Dalai Lama
5. HSU students flourish in Tibet and China

Monday, December 18

1. Dalai Lama at Sarnath
2. Kalon Tripa to address Tibet festival in Italy
3. Chinese Govt releases press rules for Beijing Olympics
4. Canada: China's muse on ethnic harmony Academics compare 'inclusion' strategies
5. First luxury tourist train to run on Qinghai-Tibet Railway next year

Tuesday, December 19

1. Roadblock on the Middle Path
2. Follow Buddha's path for peace, welfare: Dalai Lama
3. EASTERN RELIGIONS Buddha Meets Hollywood
4. Dalai Lama to attend Buddhist meet at Pune in March
5. AIDS in Tibetan society
6. Tibet's Nobel Peace Laureate Anniversary Celebrated in London
7. Nepalese land will not be allowed to use against China, says PM
8. China Life gets Tibet subsidiary

Friday, December 22

1. India And China To Conduct Joint Study On Global Warming (AHN)
2. Stonewalled China looks to Pak Saibal Dasgupta (TOI)
3. UNPO Seeks Urgent Action Intervention on the Case of Jigme Gyatso (UNPO)
4. Perfidy re-incarnate
5. Battle for Mongolia's soul

Saturday, December 24

1. In Tibet's interest to be part of China: Dalai Lama (Reuters)
2. Tibet should stay with China: Dalai (
3. Dalai Lama says it is in Tibet's interests to be part of China (dpa)
4. The evolution of Tibet (
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