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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

8. "No Olympics in China Until Tibet is Free" - TYC led Indefinite Hunger Strike: Day 6 and 7

Tibetan Youth Congress [Wednesday, February 22, 2006 09:34]

Physicians mumbled inaudible words into each other's ears and
exchanged reports as they warmly smiled to a relaxed Ven. Palden
Gyatso who along with his compatriots were into their seventh day
without food and nourishment. With each passing day, the Indefinite
Hunger Strikers are losing weight; eyes pushed back into the sockets
yet the grace of patriotism and lofty sacrifice glowing unto a halo
like radiance conquering all the frailties of existence.

As the TYC led Indefinite Hunger Strike at San Pietro In Vincoli,
Turin, Italy for 'No Olympics in China Until Tibet is Free' rallied
through its seventh day, the inner strength and spirit of the mission
continued to remain high with the determination and commitment shown
by the three Hunger Strikers led by Ven. Palden Gyatso.

Although the International Olympic Committee has failed to commit
itself to the demands of the Hunger Strikers in harmony with the
charter of the IOC, pro-active campaigns of support and solidarity
with the Indefinite Hunger Strike have been growing with each passing
day. Various Tibet Support Groups, individuals and Organizations
expressed their concern and wishes in person and through e-mails and
phone calls to the three Hunger Strikers.

In a letter from the Tibetan Committee, Belgium, the scattered
population of Tibetans while expressing sadness in their incapability
of making the priced trip to the hunger strikers in Italy because of
document restrictions stated, "we fully support the hunger strikers
and the Tibetan Youth Congress which is the biggest and the most
generally accepted Organization to express the demands of the Tibetan
Diaspora. Each and every Tibetan in Belgium is deeply concerned by the
courageous action of their compatriots in Italy." Many more mails and
calls of encouragement and appreciation have been flowing in from all
over the world, demonstrating an integration and reinvigoration of the
Tibetan freedom struggle.

The leading news papers in Italy copiously covered the TYC led
Indefinite Hunger Strike with reports and write ups appearing in news
papers such as La Stampa, Lavoro, la Repubblica, Torino Weekend
Cronaca, Ansa it.

Supporters and sympathizers continued to inspire and at times surprise
the Hunger Strikers with their own special ways of showing solidarity.
Michela Dauru, a young girl who was visibly moved by the commitment of
the three Hunger Strikers, joined them for a daylong token hunger
strike. While two other supporters, Philifte Serpollet and Xavier
Panget came all the way from France with Tibetan National flags and
placards declaring in Italian "No Olympic in China until Tibet is

Being the victims of the same communist regime, the President of the
Falung Dafa Practitioner in Italy paid a personal visit to the Hunger
Strikers to express his tacit support and sympathy for the Tibetan
freedom struggle. It has been a major endeavor of the TYC to maintain
a cordial relation and working understanding with other minority
groups such as the Falung Dafa and the Uighur movement who share the
same goal of freedom and respect for human rights in China and Tibet.

For the past couple of days it has been snowing heavily in Turin with
temperatures dipping below the freezing point and dark clouds swelling
the winter sky. Huddled inside the TYC Indefinite Hunger Strike tent,
these few lines from Ven. Palden Gyatso la's biography, 'Fire Under
the Snow', in true sense illustrates the ambience of the common space
that these three patriots share:

"In my prison, we used to sing, 'one day the sun will shine through
the dark clouds'. The vision of the sun dispelling the dark clouds and
our unbroken spirits kept us alive. It was not only prisoners who were
resilient; so were ordinary men and women who lived their daily lives
in the shadow of the Chinese Communist Party. Even today, young boys
and girls who knew nothing of feudal Tibet and who are said to be the
sons and daughters of the Party are crying out for freedom. Our
collective will to resist what is unjust is like a fire that cannot be
put out. Looking back, I can see that man's love of freedom is like a
smouldering fire under snow."

And the fire continues to burn passionately under the fresh snowfall
in Turin for the freedom of Tibet.

Contact Details:

Ms. Pema Yangchen, Organisational Secretary, TYC and

Mr. Tamding Chomphel, Vice President, Tibetan Community, Italy

Mr. Lobsang Yeshi, Acting President, Tibetan Youth Congress,
Dharamshala, India +91-1892-221554/9816106224 Email:

Established in 1970, Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC) is the largest
non-governmental organization within the Tibetan community fighting
for the complete independence of Tibet, having over 30,000 active
members in 80 Regional chapters across the globe.

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