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WTN Archives: May, 2006

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Tuesday, May 2

1. Tibet`s struggle for autonomy to continue: Rinpoche (zeenews)
2. UN Expert Group Discussed the Case of Panchen Lama
3. Climate change causes Tibet's glaciers to melt faster (dpa)
4. China builds third civilian airport in Tibet (
5. Tibetan Canadian design a Buddhist board game: KARMA CHAKRA
6. Directed By Doctor's Orders (NYT)
7. Drilling Continues To Expand Xietongmen, Tibet Copper-Gold Deposit
8. UN working group on enforced or involuntary disappearances meet for its 78th session.

Wednesday, May 3

1. ChinaÂ’s attitude towards Tibet changing: PM in exile
2. US Commission Says No Significant Change in Chinese Policy (ICT)
3. Eleven Countries Accused of Violating Religious Freedom (VOA)
4. China to launch QinghaiTibet railway on July 1
5. China: Annual report 2006 -- Reporters Without Borders
6. His Holiness Concludes His Argentina Visit

Friday, May 5

1. Feature: Resettled Tibetans “can’t live on charity forever” (CDB)
2. Statement of former political prisoner at press conference in the US (ICT)
3. ITSN’s Olympic Campaign Working Committee Meeting Concludes
4. Chinese Scientists Warn Of Giant Ozone Hole Forming Over Tibet
5. More tourists flock to Tibet in 1st quarter
6. French Thinker, Journalist Jean-Francois Revel, 82 (AP)

Sunday, May 7

1. China's lack of freedoms slammed (WT)
2. Reject China at UN Elections, Human Rights Group Urge
3. EU: Beijing should consider religious freedom as partner not threat
4. Report: China Persists in 'Egregious' Religious Freedom Violations
5. China Arranges First Four Scheduled Trains to Tibet
6. Endangered tigers facing fresh assault from China (Telegraph)
7. "Mountain Patrol": Chinese biopic is a drama of epic proportions (ST)
8. Tibetan Film Festival Kicks Off in Mcleod Ganj
9. Arduous journey leads to a life in Bloomington
10. Film on Dalai Lama's Mother to be Aired on American TV

Wednesday, May 10

1. Game Over Lhasa: Streets with Memories (Time)
2. China lashes out against US report on religious freedom critical of Beijing
3. China wins seat on new UN Human Rights Council
4. Cuba, China Hope for Less 'Politicization' on UN Rights Body
5. Concerns About Religious Freedom Grow
6. His Holiness in Chile
7. Tibet Provides Passage for Chemicals to Reach the Stratosphere May 09, 2006
8. India to urge China for better facilities to pilgrims
9. Coming soon: Roads along Chinese border
10. Shankar Acharya: China's India Strategy

Thursday, May 11

1. Dalai Lama 'behind Lhasa unrest' (BBC)
2. China Accuses Dalai Lama Over Tibet (AP)
3. Chinese official accuses Dalai Lama of provoking religious conflict (Xinhua)
4. Tibetan temple row highlights religious tensions
5. Dismay at China's Election to New UN Human Rights Council
6. I PRAY ( A Poem by Tsoltim N. Shakabpa)

Friday, May 12

1. China warns countries against hosting Dalai Lama (PTI)
2. With U.S. visit over, China to try string of dissidents (Reuters)
3. China has way to go to eradicate iodine deficiency
4. Deputies to check human rights in Tibet Prague, (CTK)
5. Review: Dreaming Lhasa, a feature film (Tibetan Review)
6. Bill to Award US Congressional Gold Medal to the Dalai Lama introduced
7. CTC Urges Power Corporation to Promote and Protect Human Rights for Tibetans
8. Tibet receives 256,000 tourists during May Day holiday (Xinhua)

Tuesday, May 16

1. Rousing Welcome to His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Colombia (TibetNet)
2. Young Buddhist monks lead insular lives in India
3. Annan Must Raise Panchen Lama during China Visit (ICT)
4. IOC-President Jacques Rogge - An ambassador for global ethics? (TID)
5. A variety of voices that speak as one
6. China to continue fighting iodine deficiency with fortified salt (Xinhua)
7. Thunder in the Temple
8. Coming soon: Roads along Chinese border
9. Big lake shrinks, reclamation cited
10. Canadians probe China 'organ harvesting' allegations (CTV News)
11. Media Workshop to Commemorate 10th Anniversary

Wednesday, May 17

1. Tutu and Tintin to be honored by Dalai Lama (ICT)
2. Media: At Abe Rosenthal's Last Stand
3. ICT Mourns the Passing of A.M. Rosenthal
4. Tibet,India (A Trip in and around Mcleodgunj)
5. Casey: Protecting victims' rights in the Bay State
6. 19 American Generals impressed by Tibet's progress
7. Chinese private airline makes first flight to Tibet
8. Deluxe Sightseeing Train on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau: $1,000 per Day

Friday, May 19

1. Stop Tibet's gold rush in the international market (TJC)
2. Seoul Remains Cautious About Tibetan Leader's Visa Application
3. Chinese see gold in rail link to roof of world
4. From Austria to Tibet, a life transformed by exploration
5. Jia Qinglin Inspects China Research Center for Tibetan Studies in Beijing (Xinhua)
6. Movie review: Old West story is set in Tibet

Tuesday, May 23

1. No Change of Policy in My Second Term, Says Kalon Tripa
2. Slogans Changed, Not Principles: Kalon Tripa *
3. Give the tiger a chance
4. OPINION After Hedging: Band-wagoning or Balancing?1
5. Standard: Remembering AM Rosenthal: Newsman With Passion
6. EP Urges Nepal to restore Tibetan Exit Permits
7. Art fair gives chance at rebirth

Wednesday, May 24

1. Dalai Lama Opens Seminar on Nun Ordination
2. Tibet set to get its first scheduled train connecting main centers in China
3. Chinese see gold in rail link to roof of world
4. Dalai Lama heads to Vancouver in September Spiritual leader to inaugurate new centre
5. Senate Banking Committee Resolution to Award Congressional Gold Medal to the Dalai Lama
6. Phuntsog Nyidron finally receives Reebok Award for Human Rights (ICT)
7. German Chancellor Merkel Meets With Shanghai Bishop of Chinese Catholic Church
8. CHINA – GERMANY Business without forgetting human rights for Merkel
9. Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education to be established in Vancouver
10. In Greater Tibet, Dalai Lama's light burns bright
11. Indian, Pakistani Defense Secretaries Open Talks on Siachen Glacier
12. Rahul Gandhi Meets the Dalai Lama
13. Hindustan-Tibet national highway restored by BRO
14. Press Release - Seventeen Point Agreement: a truce by force

Friday, May 26

1. US senate honours Dalai Lama (News24, South Africa)
2. Dalai Lama's demands are obstacle to talks: China
3. Scholar accuses Dalai Lama of scuttling Tibet issue
4. Dalai Lama demands Tibetan autonomy
5. Senate Approves Feinstein-Thomas Bill Awarding Congressional Gold Medal to the Dalai Lama
6. South Korea denies visa to Dalai Lama
7. Dalai Lama meets with Incan descendants
8. Chinese religious leaders protest US report
9. Silent protest in favour of the Dalai Lama
10. Travel documents for refugees to resume
11. China cannot force people to wear fur
12. Will Bhutan be 'happy' as a democracy?
13. More on PRC Ministry Saying Two New Bird Flu Outbreaks Among Migratory Birds

Saturday, May 27

1. Tibetan train's first voyage has long waiting list
2. Dalai Lama to be awarded highest US civilian honour
3. Senate agrees on medal for Dalai Lama
4. In greater Tibet, Dalai Lama's light burns bright
5. THE TIBET CONNECTION Southern California's first radio program inspired by Tibet
6. Russia to heed China's concerns over Dalai Lama's visit
7. 'Tibet' is mystical, meditative
8. TRNC to Participate in German Football Tournament
9. Getting a kick out of the Wild Cup
10. Imparting happiness Wynn listens to the Dalai Lama
11. When the dream is over

Sunday, May 28

1. Sister of mercy
2. A New Telemedicine to Install in Delek Hospital
3. Nepal to construct highway to link with China
4. A 'meeting of two religious streams'

Monday, May 29

1. Bombardier and the Tibetan cultural genocide
2. Nepal-China highway
3. Zhang Qingli becomes new Party chief of Tibet
4. Seoul's Tibet
5. Dalai Lama to Represent Buddhism at EC Interfaith Meeting
6. UN Women's Body Seeks Data on Tibet

Tuesday, May 30

1. Tie for ATPD Chairman's Post
2. China invites oil firms to join invasion of Tibet
3. Tibetans Urge Bombardier to Protect Human Rights
4. International Campaign for Tibet Brings Together Icons of Peace: Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu
5. EU has Difficulties with Inter-civilization Dialogue
6. Program helps solve pregnancy problems in TibetBy Greg Lavine
7. Dawa Norbu Passes Away

Wednesday, May 31

1. Dalai Lama says independence not in Tibet's interest
2. Open society must for China superpower status
3. Karma Choephel Becomes Chairman of the ATPD, Gyari Dolma Retains Post
4. Two Chairpersons for 14th ATPD in 5 Years
5. ATPD Stalemate Enters Second Day
6. Highlights of the Second Day of His Holiness' Visit to Belgium
7. Two Tibetan "singing nuns" go into exile in India
8. Two 'singing nuns' arrive in exile after escape from Tibet
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