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WTN Archives: June, 2006

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Thursday, June 1

1. Dalai Lama still waiting to hear on China trip
2. Dalai Lama honours Tintin the hero
3. Dalai Lama seeks autonomy, not independence
4. Dalai Lama's Varanasi connection
5. Torch of Peace reaches Makalu's top
6. Tibetan Buddhists enjoy religious freedom: Panchen Lama
7. ITIM walks for awareness Tibet's continued human rights plight
8. Flora flourishing; Former cabinet minister Flora MacDonald relishes challenge of aid work

Friday, June 2

1. Tutu urges China to give Tibet "rightful autonomy"
2. Tutu wins award, calls on China to recognise Tibet
3. Dalai lama meets and addresses the Foreign Affairs Committee of the EU in Brussels
4. China lodges solemn representations to Belgium over Dalai Lama's visit
5. Following the light of truth: Desmond Tutu
6. China's first Tibetan language movie premieres in Qinghai

Saturday, June 3

1. Dalai Lama calls end to 'corruption' at UN
2. Dalai Lama meets Belgian Prime Minister and addresses the Belgian Senate
3. Tibetans oppose GobiMin's Mining Project in Tibet
5. Escaped Tibetan nuns to arrive in Dharamsala
6. Free Tibet march begins in the US
7. Heaven and Halifax at Buddhist 'royal wedding' Robes and kilts are all the rage as spiritual leader and bride celebrate
8. Tibetan virtuosity shines in the art of warfare

Sunday, June 4

1. Kalon Tripa Election Conducted Successfully
3. Tibetan nuns finish epic trek
4. Willing your way to happiness
6. China also censors in Switzerland: Tibet banned at Switzerland - China football match
7. Prof Dawa Norbu:An obituary

Monday, June 5

1. Tibetan exiles vote for premier
2. His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Denver Sunday, September 17, 2006
3. Dalai Lama mixes spirituality and politics at the Parliament
4. Spanish court begins proceedings in lawsuit over alleged abuses in Tibet
5. Free Tibet march begins in city
6. Tibetan Freedom March enters Second Day
7. Passageways built for wild animals at Qinghai-Tibet railway

Tuesday, June 6

1. Next stop, Lhasa
3. Tibetan nuns await "precious moment" with Dalai Lama
4. Tibets spiritual leader urges patience in dealing with China
5. Kalmykia hopes Dalai Lama to visit soon
6. Indian Supporters discuss Tibet at Jodhpur conference
7. Spanish National Court investigates genocide allegations in Tibet
8. China calls Spanish claims of genocide in Tibet sheer fabrication
9. Tibetan Movie Premiere and Charity Project Launch in Nepal
10. China to build ecological safe belt in Tibet

Wednesday, June 7

1. Finding the 'Missing Peace'
2. India, China to re-open Silk Road
3. Tibetan PEN Writers Meet German Chancellor
4. Tibet genocide trial in Spain irks China
5. Another brick in the Great Firewall
6. Conscientious Non-voting 2006: Liberation from Within
7. Asia/ Film reveals the drama of Tibet's poacher war

Thursday, June 8

1. Dalai Lama Arrives in Sanglha
2. Why Archbishop Tutu should do more for Tibet
3. China 'blocks' main Google site
4. We were evil, Google founder admits
5. Google admits mistake on China`s demands
6. Tram plan on track for Tibet human rights row
7. Royal wedding to draw 1,300 Buddhists to Halifax for three-day festival

Friday, June 9

1. China summons representative from Spanish Embassy
2. Chinese government protests over genocide inquiries
3. Meeting of Indian Tibet support groups in Dharamsala
4. 16 activists march for a Free Tibet
5. Tibet Independence Walk Finishing at China's Embassy
6. Tibetan Buddhists tie knot

Saturday, June 10

1. The Missing Peace: Artists Consider the Dalai Lama
2. Lama teaches Tibetan anger management
3. Don't blame it on the Buddha
4. Light at the end of Nathula

Sunday, June 11

1. The Dalai Lama's Many Auras, at the Fowler Museum in Los Angeles
2. Tibet Summer Camp
3. Dalai Lama to pay a visit to Valley Isle next year
4. Years of abuse take toll
5. Mani Wall and A Sacred Geography
6. Sikkim's Buddhists meditate on waning influence
7. Lamas heaps good wishes on Qinghai-Tibet Railway

Monday, June 12

1. Artists Consider the Dalai Lama at the Fowler
2. Youth group prepares to meet Dalai Lama
3. Taiwanese, Chinese Scholars to Attend Tibetan Studies Symposium
4. Tibetan Buddhists celebrate "Saka dawa" festival in Dharamsala
5. China arms sales 'fuel conflicts'

Tuesday, June 13

1. Dalai Lama visits Kinnaur after 14 years
2. AHIMSA - Peace rally for Animals
3. China reduces bounty to new Nepal government
4. Tibetan Participated 1st Human right Defenders forum S-Asia 2006
5. China, India Set to Rediscover Silk Route Ties
6. Pelosi: 'Tanks and Troops May Crush a Protest, But They Can Never Extinguish the Flame of Freedom'
7. Resolution passed at the meeting of national and regional Convenors of Core Group at Dharamsala, 9-11 June, 2006
9. Reinhold Messner: On top of the world

Wednesday, June 14

1. Dalai Lama to Visit North America in September 2006
2. Tibetans monks in India keep soccer fever high with football matches
3. Small paws on the path to Buddhist enlightenment
4. Qinghai-Tibet Railway nears completion
5. Air China to open Tibet's third airport, expand tourism in remote scenic area
6. Tibetan herders join rush for prize fungus
7. Getting Corporations to Respect Human Rights
8. Unjustified violence
9. Leaders Call for Peace on Korean Peninsula

Thursday, June 15

1. Dalai Lama: don't forget Tibet
2. Majnu-ka-Tilla finally gets Court Notice on Demolition
3. Three Tibetan women arrested in Lhasa
4. Equal opportunity for nuns
5. Railway to transport Tibet's Rich mineral water resources to China
6. Tibetan Resistance in Mustang: A Son's Account
7. Yahoo! clear worst offender in censorship tests on search engines
8. Buddhist Cultural Festival in Russia

Friday, June 16

1. His Holiness to Attend Nobel Laureates' Conference in Jordan
2. We can all bridge the divide with compassion
3. A spiritual 'Peace' of mind
4. Over 2,500 tourists a day to be denied entry to Potala Palace
5. China to issue coins commemorating the Qinghai-Tibet Railway
6. Discussion on Tibet and the 2008 Olympic Games in the European Parliament
7. Qinghai-Tibet plateau passenger trains ready to go
8. The joyful nun
9. Rights dialogue in China blasted as futile
10. Geneva Rally to appeal new Human Rights Council on Tibet

Saturday, June 17

1. The Truth about impending Demolition of Majnu-ka-Tilla
2. Ryuichi Sakamoto Joins Dalai Lama in Quest for Peace
3. Chinese Authorities Detain Five Tibetans for Alleged Leafleting
4. CTC Presentation at Vancouver roundtables on Corporate Social Responsibility and the Canadian Extractive Sector in Developing Countries
5. Meeting of Nobel Winners Shows Sharply Different Treatment for Two Absent Laureates
6. Mountain pass at roof of world opens for business after 44 years

Monday, June 19

1. On the Road Again
2. Buddhist nuns arrested for calling for Tibet's independence
3. Re-education campaign in Tibetan schools in Tibet; students detained in Kandze
4. Rejection of Visa for Dalai Lama
5. After 44 years, trade via Nathu-La to resume
6. Chinese arms in Darfur: the twisted trail of weapons
7. Tibet Supporters March for Recognition
8. Chairman of Tibet Autonomous Region meets Indian trade delegation

Tuesday, June 20

1. One Man's Opinion - Tibet
3. Planned Global Protests against China's railway launch
4. Lhasa station ready for first train
6. Nepal resumes issuing 'Exit Permit' to Tibetans
7. Tibetan centre in Nepal observe World Refugee Day
8. New report documents impact on Tibetan refugees of political turmoil and China's influence in Nepal
9. Beijing: Intensified censorship as search engines of biggest sites are blocked

Wednesday, June 21

1. World Refugee Day being observed; UNHCR unhappy with Nepal
2. Palden Gyatso testifies to hundreds of Minnesotans
3. Tibetan Lama at Seoul's World Summit on Peace Conference
4. Computers can now speak Bhutan's Dzongkha
5. March for Tibet's Independence: Last few days
6. Dalai Lama to visit Vancouver September 8-10, 2006 to launch the Inaugural Vancouver Dialogues
7. Tickets available Friday for Dalai Lama's September visit to the city
8. Tibet Team in Toronto Asian Soccer Tournament
9. China's First GSM-R To Be Adopted On Qinghai-Tibet Railway
10. Qinghai: Grasp the Railway Opportunity
11. Germany helps northwest province to develop solar energy
12. Tibet to win trade as pass to India reopens

Thursday, June 22

1. Dragon designs
2. The Dalai Museum - Gaze navelly, paint globally
3. Dalai Lama Participates in Second Petra Conference of Nobel Laureates
4. Dalai Lama, Uma Thurman to share dias
5. Statements in Canadian Parliament during Representative Tashi Wangdi' visit
6. Letter to the Editor

Friday, June 23

1. Honorary citizenship for Dalai Lama
2. Parliament of Canada declares HHDL an Honorary Citizen of Canada
3. Tibetan hub dreams of WiFi solutions for rural world
4. De Lille aims verbal barrels at China
5. Tibetan exiles protest China's rail link to Lhasa
6. Buddhists set off on long march
7. Israeli, Palestinian Leaders Hold Meeting

Sunday, June 25

1. Citizen Dalai Lama (NP)
2. Tibet: Report shows Impact on Tibetan Refugees of Political Turmoil (ICT)
3. Timely to tour Tibet (CM)
4. Read: Tibetan as hell -- Book Review: STICK OUT YOUR TONGUE
5. Silk route to Tibet reopens (M&G)
6. Relics Reveal Pre-historic Civilization on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau (Xinhua)
7. World's highest railway stirs national pride (People’s Daily)
8. Qinghai-Tibet railway boosts pride and economies (People’s Daily)
9. Qinghai-Tibet Railway to Have Quake Monitoring (Xinhua)
10. Tibetans in Exile see Red, plan protests (HT)

Monday, June 26

1. China to open world's highest railway to Tibet on July 1
2. Ticket prices set for five cities to Lhasa along Qinghai-Tibet railway (PD)
3. Famed Silk Road to Tibet reopens for business
4. Timetable for early running of Qinghai-Tibet Railway set (Xinhua)
5. Eco-volunteers to protect environment on Tibet rails (Xinhua)
6. Tibetan scholar vows to help community in exile
7. Tibet welcomes Canadian citizenship for Dalai Lama (IANS)

Tuesday, June 27

1. Qinghai-Tibet railway to cost minimum $48.65 from Beijing to Lhasa ( Kyodo)
2. Chinese Vice Premier advises local authorities on running of Qinghai-Tibet Railway
3. Tibetans in India protest against train to Lhasa
4. 50 Tibetan activists taken under preventive detention (PTI)
5. Gyalwa Karmapa Turns 21 (TibetNet)
6. First Political Discussion Forum in the European Capital for Tibetans (TibetNet)
7. His Holiness' Representative Visits Karzan (TibetNet)
8. Discipline and Rule is of Paramount Importance in Preserving Religious Traditions (TibetNet)

Wednesday, June 28

1. Timely to tour Tibet
2. A Lama and his three experiences in entering Tibet (PD)
3. Tibetans to protest against Qinghai-Tibet Railway in Chicago (RTYC)
4. Uneasy wait for the first railway in Tibet (DN)
5. Free Tibet! Action Camp in Europe concludes (SFT)
6. Tibet's Longhaired Yungchen Lhamo Sings of Love, Loss, Exile
7. Concert to benefit tortured monks (SWH)
8. India's wildlife gives common cause to China, Dalai Lama (UNI)
9. Nathu La trade route to open on July 6
10. Dealing with China - A Time To Be Firm But Friendly

Thursday, June 29

1. First railway to Tibet ready to operate (AP)
2. Tibet's last-known female political prisoner freed (Reuters)
3. Qinghai-Tibet railway ready for operation on July 1: official (Xinhua)
4. China Unveils Railway to Tibet (AP)
5. China to build three more railways in Tibet
6. Tibet's last-known female political prisoner freed (Reuters)
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