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WTN Archives: July, 2006

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Saturday, July 1

1. British activist freed by Chinese (DT)
2. Protests as Tibet-China rail link opens (TG)
3. Beijing Protest against China's Tibet Railway - Detained Activists Released
4. Political repression intensifies as Tibet railway opens (ICT)
5. Hunger Strike in Mumbai against China's Tibet railway
6. The railway in the clouds (DT)
7. Hu opens world's highest railway (BBC)
8. China Opens 1st Train Service to Tibet (AP)
9. Tibet greets train with disdain as China chugs into the capital
10. A sad day for the 'roof of the world' (TT)
11. Tibetan activist addresses MPs in Westminster

Sunday, July 2

1. Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche Re-Elected Kalon Tripa (TibetNet)
2. Task Force on Negotiations Meets Tomorrow (TibetNet)
3. China's 1st Train to Tibet Continues West (AP)

Monday, July 3

1. High Road: Tibet Train Finishes Journey (AP)
2. Beijing-Tibet train finishing first trip (AP)
3. Altitude sickness sets in as Tibet train reaches peak (Reuters)
4. China Opens High-Altitude Tibet Railway Line (Reuters)
5. Last Stop, Lhasa: Rail Link Ties Remote Tibet to China (NYT)
6. India trader ready to resume ties with Tibet as Silk Route reopens (AFP)
7. India fears Silk Road spying (TS)

Tuesday, July 4

1. TYC Indefinite Hunger Strike: two Tibetans critical (Phayul)
2. Tibet: No progress for China, Dalai Lama (AP)
3. Train 27, Now Arriving Tibet, in a 'Great Leap West' (WP)
4. Trains carry over 2,500 people to Tibet in three days (Xinhua)
5. China unhappy over Tibet refugees (KO)
6. China to thrash out Tibetan refugee issue with Nepal (IANS)
7. Tibetan dissident to accuse Chinese of torture and genocide (IT)

Wednesday, July 5

1. Dalai nephew likens Tibet railway to invasion (Reuters)
2. Train to Tibet unveils beauty, sickness, spilled ink and mixed feelings (AP)
3. From Beijing to Tibet, controversy on rails (GM)
4. Stop romanticizing Tibet (GM)
5. New train to Tibet will mean influx of Chinese commerce and culture (CSM)
6. Lhasa Express Features Artists From Tibet and China (AD)
7. A Symbol for Freedom (WSN)

Thursday, July 6

1. Tibetans celebrate Dalai Lama's birthday Times of India (TOI)
2. Tibetans celebrate Dalai Lama's birthday (TOI)
3. I am a simple Buddhist monk: Dalai Lama (TOI)
4. Concerns raised over Tibet's future on Dalai Lama's 71st birthday (ANI)
5. Dalai Lama cancels visit to Europe over health concerns (AFP)
6. Tibet: Where the antelope poachers roam (ADS)
7. Back to Silk Route: Nathu la opens after 44 yrs (IE)

Friday, July 7

1. Activists protest new Tibet railway (TN)
2. Letters to the Editor
3. After Silk Road, a rail link is on its way (Reuters)

Sunday, July 9

1. Dalai Lama remains central to Tibetans (WP)
2. Dalai Lama showered with birthday wishes (DW)
3. The 'pink parlours' of Lhasa ( IANS)
4. After Nathu La, India faces Chinese challenge in Bhutan (IE)
5. Breaking barriers (BS)

Monday, July 10

1. A lavish journey to Lhasa, butler included (GM)
2. Dispiriting days for the Dalai Lama (GM)
3. In Tibet, school can not be taken for granted (DN)
4. Beijing Has Little Bearing on Ethnic Tibetan Villages in Sichuan Province (WP)
5. From Beijing to Tibet, controversy on rails (GM)
6. Could the Tibetan 'miracle' go up in smoke?
7. "Dalai Lama is symbol of hope for Tibet and world" says British MP

Tuesday, July 12

1. Technicolour Tibet
2. Railroading Tibet (WSJ)
3. 'Tibet's rail to ruin?': Editorial (CP)
4. China's 'magical road of heaven' (AT)
5. Security stepped up for opening of railway:elite armed corps travels on inaugural journey (ICT)
6. Tourism threatening Tibet's sacred spaces (GM)

Sunday, July 16

1. Exiles' Hopes for a Free Tibet Dimming (AP)
2. Trouble in Exile (SBS TV)
3. Train to Tibet (Asian Age)
4. Railroad to Perdition (NYT)
5. Tourism threatening Tibet's sacred spaces (Scripp Howard News)
6. Gyatso school teacher Nyima Choedron released from prison a year early

Monday, July 17

1. Fearing a point of no returnTibetans fret over the advancing age of the Dalai Lama and an influx of Chinese (AP)
2. Potala Palace, the jewel of Tibet, overrun with tourists (AFP)
3. Beijing's long train to Tibet (CNA)
4. Tibet trains full in first two weeks (Xinhua)
5. EP President remains concerned about Tibet at end of China visit (ICT)
6. Documentary on Tibet's lost kingdom (IANS)

Wednesday, July 19

1. Robust Tibetan Language Checked Cultural Dilution (TibetNet)
2. Woes of a Wounded Wanderer (TibetNet)
3. Rumours of His Holiness Visiting Ku-bum Baseless (TibetNet)
4. New Term of Kalon Tripa Begins 15 August (TibetNet)
5. Modernization of Tibet (CNN)
6. China-Tibet: Railroad to perdition (IHT)
7. Train to Lhasa (BS)
8. Tibet Rides the Rails (Newsweek)
9. Trade through Nathu La at a standstill (Hindu)

Friday, July 21

1. Spirit of Dalai Lama is unbowed by wind of change (Times)
2. Shoddy Reports May Have Caused Recent Rumors (TibetNet)
3. Tibetan Human rights on the bottom of the list for 2008 Olympics (CTC)
4. Lost In Translation (TibetNet)

Sunday, July 23

1. Landslide in northern Nepal blocks highway to Tibet (AP)
2. Govt for 'Little Tibet' (TOI)
3. 3 Nobel Peace laureates to attend Hiroshima NGO symposium (DY)
4. Festival celebrates endangered culture Tibetan Cultural Center re-opens to public (IDS)
5. Pawo Thupten Ngodup Memorial Soccer tournament 2006 in Chicago

Tuesday, July 25

1. European Parliament Urged Nepal to Reopen Tibetan Office (TibetNet)
2. Association of Sweater Sellers' Unions in the Wings (TibetNet)
3. China to crack down on ticket scalping on Qinghai-Tibet railway (PDO)
4. China to tap mineral water resources from Tibet (PTI)
5. China opens high-altitude train to Tibet (AP)
6. China cracks down on touts selling tickets on trains to Tibet (PTI)

Wednesday, July 26

1. Commentary manuscript lands Tibetan youth ten years in prison (TibetNet)
2. China to Canada: Dalai Lama award could hurt ties (Reuters)
3. China accuses Dalai Lama of links to CIA (Reuters)
4. Join Buddhist Philosophy Class Online (TibetNet)
5. Awareness Campaign on Middle-Way Restarts (TibetNet)
6. Senior CPC official meets overseas Tibetans (Xinhua)

Sunday, July 30

1. 'One country, two systems' not for Tibet (Xinhua)
2. What is Dalai Lama's 'Middle Way' (…According to the Chinese government) (CD)
3. China unhappy with Canada over Dalai lama
4. Honouring Dalai Lama could have economic cost, China warns (CP)
5. Train to Tibet
6. Sinking, cracks detected on Qinghai-Tibet railway (China Daily)
7. A book on Tibet issue released in Delhi
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