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WTN Archives: February, 2007

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Thursday, February 1

1. Still Tibetan after all these years (The Economist)
2. Fifteen-year-old Tibetan boy walks over 1000 kms to escape Chinese repression (ANI)
3. China's Railway to Plunder Tibet
4. Tutu dedicates Gandhi Prize to Darfur, South Africa, Burmese leader
5. Fla. Museum announces Tibet exhibit opening activities
6. UF's Phillips Center features Gyuto Monks Tibetan Tantric Choir
7. 'Rising temperature on Tibet plateau to have global impact' (PTI)
8. Tibetan antelope slowly recovering, WCS says

Sunday, February 4

1. If I have a dream...
2. Holy relics of Buddha, disciples consecrated at Bodh Gaya (DH)
3. His Holiness to consecrate new vihar at Bodh Gaya (TibetNet)
4. Orissa has a mini Tibet at Chandragiri (KT)
5. Jaipur holds Intensive Campaign for Tibet meeting (ITCO)
6. Stories of Tibetan life told through paintings

Tuesday, February 6

1. His Holiness the Dalai Lama returns after a week-long visit (TibetNet)
2. Heads of Tibetan hospitals meet (TibetNet)
3. Crash course on project management (TibetNet)
4. A sacred art made of sand
5. Dalai Lama to travel to Chicago (CST)
6. Tibetan protestors takes shine away from Chinese Olympic football teams first game against Chelsea FC, London
7. Tibet's "Movie Star" Antelope Slowly Rebounding, Expedition Finds (NGN)

Wednesday, February 7

1. Dalai Lama will give lectures at Emory
2. Tibetan Leader Calls on Speaker Pelosi (ICT)

Friday, February 9

1. Tibetans say Happy New Year! (TibetNet)
2. Kalon Tripa meets Chinese scholars in US (TibetNet)
3. Kalon Tripa addresses non-Tibetan audience in US (TibetNet)
4. Kalon Tripa Arrives for Weeklong Visit (TibetNet)
5. Dalai Lama in Blessed return
6. Richard Gere to launch report on Tibetan exodus from China (IANS)
7. Dalai Lama is world's conscience-keeper: Mayank Chhaya (DNA)
8. New report documents dangerous flight into exile for Tibetans (ICT)
9. Visit to Tibet inspires store owner's vision
10. The Lhasa Frontier

Sunday, February 11

1. Teenage Tibetan braves shooting, threat of execution to escape Tibet (AP)
2. Tibetan exile (CBC)
3. India's China, Burma policy and the spurned Gandhian values
4. He sacrifices his blood, sweat, toil for Tibetan cause (ENS)
5. On a road trip to Shangri-La (SFC)

Monday, February 12

1. Gere urges German action over China (PA)
2. Film awards aim for better world (BBC)
3. Senior Tibetan Language Teachers' Workshop Held at Sarnath (TibetNet)
4. Finance Department invites applications for NED grant 2007-08 (TibetNet)

Tuesday, February 13

1. China uncovers huge mineral resources in Tibet (AFP)
2. 600 new mineral deposits found in Tibet Plateau (Interfax)
3. Gere wants the best for Tibet

Wednesday, February 14

1. Tibet plateau may quench China thirst for minerals (DJN)
2. Contemporary Tibetan Art website launched in Spanish

Thursday, February 15

1. EU: Dialogue between Chinese government and Dalai Lama
2. Tibetan shepherds welcome climate change (DT)
3. FTC to Demonstrate at Mayor's Reception for Chinese Officials (FTC)
4. Richard Gere unveils Tibet footage and ICT report at Cinema for Peace events in Berlin (TibetNet)

Monday, February 19

1. Tibet: EU and Canada Adopt Resolutions
2. Stealthy invasion is forcing Tibetans to bend to Chinese rule (The Telegraph)
3. Monks reveal brutal state crackdown (The Telegraph)
4. Tibetans-in-exile celebrate New Year (IANS)
5. BHSU professor participates in Science for Monks program
6. Hu urges non-Communists to "actively" offer political advice (Xinhua)
7. The Panchen Lama and Tibet's Future

Tuesday, February 20

1. What Ails All India Radio's Tibetan Service? (Tibetan Review)
2. Indian American examines Dalai Lama as man, monk and mystic
3. China to continue to get warmer
4. Central China Goldfields extends Tibet exploration licence with Hubei Chuxiong

Friday, February 23

1. Tibetan exhibition draws criticism (AP)
2. Premier sparks clash over Tibet (WA)
3. Hall of Famers to rock Tibet concert
4. Lhasa in translation
5. Are leaders of India, China and Russia ready for a radical breakthrough?

Saturday, February 24

1. China mines Tibet's rich resources (FORTUNE)
2. How to Strip-Mine Shangri-La (TIME)
3. Train to Lhasa to take out Tibet’s mineral riches (AsiaNews)
4. Tibet wasn't ours, says Chinese scholar (DNA)

Tuesday, February 27

1. Cuts made in Tibet broadcast funding (
2. Tibet Mineral Deposits Worth Billions
3. on Sino-Tibetan dialogue presented to Scottish Parliament
4. Go on, take a stand (Macleans -- Canada) It's possible to criticize China on human rights and do business with it

Wednesday, February 28

1. Much at stake for Tibet at remote Reting monastery (AFP)
2. Studying Buddhism Alongside Tibetans Provides Lesson in Struggling for Ideals
3. All-Star Sing-Alongs Abound at Tibet House Benefit in NYC
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