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WTN Archives: March, 2007

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Thursday, March 1


Sunday, March 4

1. Head to Tibet for a taste of Mars
2. Buddha Lite
3. VOICE OF TIBET (Book Review)

Tuesday, March 5

1. Lighting the torch for Beijing 2008 (Ottawa Citizen)
2. On Track Betting
3. Canada-inspired TIBET initiative fostering worldwide support (Press Release)
4. Chinese President: harmony, stability prerequisite for Tibet development (Xinhua)
5. Communists hailed as "living Buddha" for Tibet (Reuters)
6. Tourism begins to overwhelm Tibet (Xinhua)
7. Lawmakers pass Resolution Declaring March 10th as Tibet Day in Wisconsin

Wednesday, March 7

1. Tibetan says hawks blocking Dalai Lama's return (Reuters)
2. Tibet advocates plan SF protest march Saturday
3. United States Annual Human Rights Report Says China Commits Serious Human Rights Abuses in Tibet
4. Hu: harmony, stability prerequisite for Tibet development (Xinhua)
5. Tibetan delegate wants foreign reporters to experience today's Tibet (Xinhua)
6. Tibet reports bird flu outbreak (Shanghai Daily)
7. 'Return Tawang to China to resolve boundary dispute' (
8. Qomolangma Biosphere Reserve

Saturday, March 10

1. The Statement of His Holiness the Dalai Lama on the 48th Anniversary of the Tibetan National Uprising Day
2. Religious repression in Tibet "getting worse" in 2007 (Reuters)
3. No early return from exile for Dalai Lama: Tibet governor (AFP)
4. Give up pursuit of 'Tibet independence': China (Xinhua)
5. China says chances of Dalai Lama return are slim (Reuters)
6. Torch relay "vital" for Tibet: official (Reuters)
7. Tibet culls 7,000 chickens to contain bird flu outbreak

Sunday, March 11

1. Tibetans Fill Manhattan with Pro Tibet Slogans (Phayul)
2. Czech Minister Bursik flies Tibetan flag despite Chinese protests (CTK)
3. Look who’s praising Hu: Dalai Lama springs a Tibet uprising surprise (IE)
4. Indian MPs lend support to Dalai Lama's cause (PTI)
5. Tibetans and Taiwanese remember 1959 uprising (TT)
6. Religious repression in Tibet is 'getting worse' in 2007
7. Blood letter to President on free Tibet issue
8. Tibet is a blind spot for Chinese people
9. Tibetan women urge International women fraternity to support Tibetan cause

Monday, March 12

1. More Chinese arriving in Tibet with new railway (AFP)
2. South Africans 'Long Walk for No Freedom' commemorating
3. 200 people for Tibet Independence in Marselle (France)
4. Tibetans and Tibet Supporters marched for Tibet in Geneva
5. Hugh protest march marked the uprising day in Shimla
6. Nearly One Thousand Tibetans March Through Minnesota's State Capitol
7. 10 March anniversary in Warsaw
8. Tibetan Community in Italy commemorated 10 March in Rome
9. Chinese embassy in switzerland with Free Tibet flag
10. A Message to Tibetans inside Tibet from Students for a Free Tibet
11. 48th Tibetan Uprising day commemorated at Mavana
12. Demonstrations in the streets of London

Tuesday, March 13

1. More Chinese arriving in Tibet with new railway (Reuters)
2. Statement of Chairman Lantos at Hearing, Tibet: Status of the Sino-Tibetan Dialogue
3. Testimony of Lodi G. Gyari Special Envoy of H.H. the Dalai Lama At House Foreign Affairs Committee Hearing on Status of Tibet Negotiations
4. Hearing on Tibet Statement by Richard Gere Committee on Foreign Affairs, US House of Representatives
5. Tibetan women take to the streets against "Beijing's slavery"
6. China tells Dalai Lama to 'face up to history'
7. Germany hoists the flag for Tibet - Almost 800 mayors display their solidarity with Tibet
8. RTWA NY & NJ take the streets again
9. RTWA of Minnesota marks 12th March at State Capitol
10. San Francisco Commemorates 48th Tibetan National Uprising Day
11. Tibetan Uprising Day in Vancouver, British Columbia
12. Madison rallies for 'Free Tibet'
13. 10th March in Southern California, March 9-10.

Wednesday, March 14

1. Tibetans offer Tenshug to His Holiness the Dalai Lama (TibetNet)
2. Statement of Under Secretary Paula J. Dobriansky, Special Coordinator for Tibetan Issues, House Foreign Affairs Committee
3. Actor Gere asks US, EU to forge common human rights policy for China (AFP)

Friday, March 16

1. Dharamsala Alarmed at the rate Chinese Migrants Coming to Tibet (TibetNet)
2. Door of dialogue open to Dalai Lama if he gives up "Tibet independence" (Xinhua)
3. Fire engulfing virgin forest in Tibet (Xinhua)
4. China says door for dialogue with Dalai open (Reuters)
5. Prayers offered for Dalai Lama's long life at Dharamshala (ANI)
6. Tibetan quest for a manager-leader of 21st century (TibetNet)
7. Forum links struggles of Irish, Tibetans

Sunday, March 18

1. China firm on Tibet, Taiwan issues, official says
2. Dalai Lama not against Chinese migrating to Tibet: Tibetan PM-in-exile (ANI)
3. Obituary: Best-loved writer (and supporter of Tibet) gone with the dreams

Tuesday, March 20

1. His Holiness says genuine dedication would make life meaningful (TibetNet)
2. Tibetan traditions thrive in the forest
3. Peace March by RTYC Bhandara

Tuesday, March 20 (2)

1. Tibetans replace Tiger skins with silk brocades from India
2. British Prime Minister to meet Dalai Lama?
3. A Letter from Filmmakers Ritu Sarin & Tenzing Sonam

Thursday, March 22

1. Hundreds of Tibetans Gather in Rare Protest (RFA)
2. Studying, practicing and teaching will help to preserve Sakya tradition (TibetNet)
3. His Holiness the Dalai Lama to leave for Pune (TibetNet)
4. Monks and Mysticism
5. The U.S. On Tibet (VOA)
6. Films examine Tibetan politics, culture

Friday, March 23

1. TCHRD release new prisoner report
2. Boycott Beijing Olympics - French Presidential candidate
3. Tibet Activists Target British Mining Company
4. Morning Tea with Governor of Himachal Pradesh (TibetNet)
5. His Holiness the Dalai Lama will leave for Pune where on 25 March (TibetNet)
6. Nangpa-La eye witnesses give testimony of the tragedy (TibetNet)

Sunday, March 25

1. Court to hear drink special case appeal
2. Tibetan tea ceremony comes to Oroville
3. Tibet gives free treatment to TB patients (Xinhua)
4. Famous Gyuto Monks of Tibet First Time in Auckland
5. China's Majority Doesn't Get Dalai Lama
6. Rep.Rohrabacher Questions Refusal to Confront Beijing Over Stolen Tibetan Possessions

Monday, March 26

1. Glaciers in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in full retreat
2. Huge turnout for Dalai Lama's discourse in Pune (ANI)
3. China, Norway, U.N. sign climate change agreement (AP)

Monday, March 27

1. China to raise Tibet investment (BBC)
2. Sonam Dubal presents splendid global fashion at LFW
3. China plans world's highest airport in Tibet (AFP)
4. China is a 20th century idea

Wednesday, March 28

1. Speaker lauds the surplus budget for 2007-08 (TibetNet)
2. Students from three continents meet in quest for happiness (TibetNet)

Saturday, March 31

1. Tibet, the mundane (Himal)
2. Until the last Tibetan (Himal)
3. The future of Tibetan discontent (Himal)
4. Autonomy and the railway (Himal)
5. Prospecting the treasure house (Himal)
6. Why Tibet matters to Southasia (Himal)
7. Beauty and contradiction in Tibetan art (Himal)
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