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"As long as human rights are violated, there can be no foundation for peace. How can peace grow where speaking the truth is itself a crime?"
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WTN Archives: April, 2007

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Sunday, April 1

1. Is Time Running Out for Tibet? (Der Spiegel)
2. DIIR publish His Holiness' collected statements on environment (TibetNet)
3. Tibetan rivers the most endangered: World Wildlife Fund (TibetNet)
4. China's great game in Asia
5. Tibet gets the wheels rolling
6. Drew to host U.S.'s first Tibetan monk
7. Amnesty queries China over Panchen Lama in rare talks (AFP)

Monday, April 2

1. Tibetan Catholics defy China government for faith (Reuters)
2. Dreaming Lhasa screened in Mexico City

Monday, April 3

1. The politics of reincarnation
2. Dreaming Lhasa
3. Organization for a free Tibet

Thursday, April 4

1. A simple monk
2. Dalai Lama to Attend Buddhist Conference in Hamburg
3. VOA Broadcasts Rare TV Interview with Karmapa Lama
4. PU: International students celebrate Annual Day (IE)
5. Before power, water, Majnu-ka-Tila wants non-eviction assurance (IE)
6. Dalai Lama intros local author's book
7. Terror group's threat raises Dalai Lama alert (TA)

Friday, April 6

1. Ambassador urges better relations between China, U.S.
2. Passages from India: Students meet the Dalai Lama
3. Dalai Lama's security raised after threat reports
4. The Dalai Lama's Army
5. Christopher Hitchens' shocking take on Gandhi and the Dalai Lama
6. Tsering to speak on human rights abuses against Tibetan women

Saturday, April 7

1. His Holiness to give special teaching to Tibetan youths
2. indieWIRE INTERVIEW | "Dreaming Lhasa" Co-Directors Ritu Sarin and Tenzing Sonam
3. Portrait of a holy man
4. 'Need of the hour calls for focused attention of Tibetan intelligence'
5. The third annual Conference of Tibetan Communities of Australia-New Zealand underway in Sydney
6. Little lama loves being Nemo
7. Buddhists seek blessing of Nepalese boy believed to be reincarnated
8. Mcleodganj: A food lover's paradise

Sunday, April 8

1. Tibet part of China, but terrorized
2. Dalai Lama seeks more autonomy for Tibet solution
3. Tibet demilitarisation a dream, not condition for talks
4. India mulls railway to Nepal following Chinese plans
5. Bordering on crazy
6. Inside story - Naperville man becomes the first non-Buddhist authorized to write the story of the Dalai Lama
7. Tibetans in Kathmandu observe World Health day
8. Tsering Gyaltsen: An inside job

Monday, April 9

1. Dalai Lama's Office Won't Reopen In Nepal: Prachanda
2. Master's tutor
3. Thousands greet yogi, aged 4
4. Tibetans in Dharamsala hold film festival on global warming
5. Ping An Property enters Tibet
6. Dreaming Lhasa

Tuesday, April 10

1. India ought to intervene to prevent the destruction of Tibetan culture, says Dalai Lama
2. Dalai Lama followers turn veggie
3. Devil's Advocate: Dalai Lama
4. Long-life Puja for Dalai Lama by Dharamsala Indian community
5. Press Release - Tibet Activists on Hunger Strike in Jail No: 7
6. Richard Gere attends Dalai Lama's 'Mind and Life' Conference
7. Prostrating from Tibet to India
8. Register for 'Free Tibet' run
9. Jokhang Temple, Tibet

Wednesday, April 11

1. Leader to bless statue
2. Tibetans start hunger strike in Indian prison asking China to release spiritual leader
3. The French Republic and Tibet
4. Tibet moves to avoid growth mistakes
5. Kalon Tripa to address Omega's conference on being fearless
6. Free Tibet, stop Darfur, save Congo!
7. Tibet's populations exceeds 2.8 million

Saturday, April 14

1. Wandering Tibet For a Piece of Home
2. Ticket tensions for ducats to Dalai Lama
3. Nevada City extends invitation to Dalai Lama for visit
4. Tibetan monks offer cultural enlightenment
5. Martin Scorsese's tryst with Buddhism
6. Held at Chinese Embassy, Tibetan activists on hunger strike in Tihar
7. Making Peace Through Music, Tibetan Wind-Flutist Nawang Khechog

Sunday, April 15

1. Tibetans unveil chair fit for king
2. Indian film on Tibet raises China's hackles
3. Portrait of a holy man
4. 1.6-km-long bridge over Lhasa River nears completion

Monday, April 16

1. UK museum traces three decades of Tibetan struggle through rare photographs
2. The Train to Tibet
3. Klang Valley Streets: Allure of Tibetan crafts

Tuesday, April 17

1. Hindu priests pray for long life of His Holiness the Dalai Lama (TibetNet)
2. A packed afternoon with Kalon Tripa in New York (TibetNet)
3. Royal Albert Hall under fire over Chinese propaganda
4. Indian film on Tibet raises China's hackles
5. Bumthang’s Chukchi lhakhang

Wednesday, April 18

1. "China's Olympic torch out of Tibet" Activists call on Olympic Committee to refuse proposed torch route
2. The Real Face of Tibet?
3. China creates first artificial snow in Tibet
4. Paddlers sharing Tibetan experiences
5. Dalai Lama to visit Ithaca this fall
6. Agni III: Splashdown in a cup of coffee

Thursday, April 19

1. "China's Olympic torch out of Tibet" Activists call on Olympic Committee to refuse proposed torch route
2. Some visions from Tibet are here
3. Air China Adds Service to Tibetan Plateau

Sunday, April 22

1. The Path to Enlightenment
2. Exile Administration to offer tenshugs to 12 prominent lamas (TibetNet)
3. Menri Bon monastery to offer tenshug to His Holiness (TibetNet)
4. Scores turn out to attend Dalai Lama's sermon in Solan (ANI)
5. East zone counseling cell opens in Darjeeling (TibetNet)
6. Two-day symposium-exhibition on Tibet concludes successfully (TibetNet)
7. In the supermarket of spirituality
8. Blaze ravages virgin forests in Tibet

Sunday, April 23

1. Google, China, and Genocide
2. TYC Visits Chauntra Tibetan Settlement
3. Man of peace in world of turmoil
4. Students 'flow' to Dalai Lama's vision
5. Finding my religon
6. Tibetan Tea Party
7. Tibetan call for "Eco-Tourism"

Monday, April 24

1. Dharamshala to mark 18th birthday of the 11th Panchen Lama (TibetNet)
2. Tibet's Panchen Lama turns 18 in custody (AFP)
3. The Foundation Voice of Tibet launches campaign to protest Chinese radio "jamming"
4. Taiwan, Tibet among controversial legs proposed for Beijing Olympic torch relay (AFP)
5. Buddhist centers in southern NM offer Tibetan culture and traditions (AFP)
6. In a cave no more: Buddhist nun on world fund tour
7. Mixing integrity, sustainability

Wednesday, April 25

1. China detains American Tibet activists (AP)
2. China detains four Americans in Tibet Olympic protest (Reuters)
3. China Detains Olympics Protesters on Everest (RFA)
4. Missing Tibetan Lama comes of age (BBC)
5. Panchen Lama to turn 18 amid repression in Tibet: rights group (AFP)
6. Gedhun Choekyi Nyima the XIth Panchen Lama turns 18: Still disappeared (TCHRD)
7. Dharamshala to mark 18th birthday of the 11th Panchen Lama (TibetNet)
8. Long Live The 11th Panchen Lama
9. The stolen lama
10. Panchen Lama marks coming of age in Chinese custody: China's strategies of religious control in Tibet revealed in new report
11. Dalai lama attracts thousands to Maiji speech (AP)

Thursday, April 26

1. Students 'flow' to Dalai Lama's vision
2. Hawaiian elders, Dalai Lama find common challenge
3. Dalai Lama ignites buzz on U.S. tour
4. Thousands Flock To Maui To Hear From Dalai Lama
5. Dalai Lama - an impish monk
6. The Dalai Lama Helps Tell The Story of Tibet
7. Dalai Lama's ethnic fight will harm Tibet
8. Boulder Woman Held By China For Tibet Protest
9. Chinese scholars accuse Dalai Lama of "sowing seeds of violence"
10. Panchen Lama birthday cake delivered to Chinese Embassy

Friday, April 27

1. U.S. travelers expelled from Tibet after Olympics protest
3. Tibet Activists Freed
4. Plan to raise Tibet's flag here raises China's ire
5. Chinese, atheists denounce plan to fly Tibetan flag for Dalai Lama
6. Dalai Lama to visit Sacramento
7. Spiritual focus for Dalai Lama visit
8. Controversy flares over Olympic torch route to Taiwan, Tibet
9. Collecting MadVideos -- UW students drop a banner for Tibet

Saturday, April 28

1. Dalai Lama offers up teachings THOUSANDS IN BAY AREA LEARN ABOUT BUDDHISM
2. The director and the Dalai Lama: Film offers spiritual insight
3. Speaker Pelosi meets the Dalai Lama in California
4. 'Life of Meaning' Explores Faith of Jimmy Carter, Dalai Lama, Others
5. Manali boy raises Tibet's banner of revolt at Everest
6. 29 April: Tibetan Martyr's Day
7. Tibet Olympic protesters "intimidated" in detention
8. 'Obey Chinese law when in China'
9. Worm Buddhist Richard Gere
10. New MySpace China Tells Users to Spy on Each Other

Sunday, April 29

1. The Right Dalai Lama
2. Unanimous decision to fly Tibetan National Flag at City-County Building
3. Editorial: Flying Tibet flag just neighborly
4. U.S. Tibet activists return to Nepal
5. US Tibet protesters vow to step up campaign
6. Dalai Lama Teaches in San Francisco
7. Conference in Wheaton aims at understanding
8. What Remains of us in Dharamsala
9. Qingzang Line: Reflection of hardship & patriotism

Sunday, April 30

1. The spirit moves him
2. Railway transforms Tibetan trade
3. Local man recounts protest on Everest
4. Wineke: City shouldn't fly Tibetan flag
5. Top British actress attend Tibetan farewell, welcome reception
6. Kone opens up sales and service outlet in Tibet
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