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"We Tibetans are looking for a legitimate and meaningful autonomy, an arrangement that would enable Tibetans to live within the framework of the People’s Republic of China."
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WTN Archives: May, 2007

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Tuesday, May 1

1. The Dalai Lama & Costco: When Ultimate Truth met Relative Truth...
2. Diverse crowd embraces Dalai Lama
3. Dalai Lama Concerned About Degeneration of Tibetan Culture in Tibet
4. NEPAL: Expelled U-S Tibet protesters step up freedom campaign
5. Carroll: Easy ride for Hick
6. Liechtenstein Parliament passes Tibet resolution
7. Deputy Speaker attends Ganatantra Gyan Yajna in Orissa
9. Dual life disrupted when therapist dons monk's robes

Wednesday, May 2

1. Diversity digest: It's a...Tibetan thing
2. From the Himalayas to Hoffman Estates
3. Trans-Himalayan highway threatens Nepal's Buddhist legacy
4. Tibetan student speaks on campus
5. 2007 March for Tibet's Independence
6. Congress sends a message to Bush administration that China needs to get its house in order, including on Tibet
7. Buddhists plan retreat in area
8. Leading Buddhist Studies Program Eyes Tibetan Gap
9. Tibet to get its first five-star hotel next year
10. Strongsten School celebrates Silver Jubilee [ 2007-4-30 ]
11. METALLICA's HETFIELD Attends DALAI LAMA's Public Talk In San Francisco
12. Lhasa playing a perfect rooftop holiday-resort
13. Lhasa prepared for holiday tourists

Wednesday, May 2 (2)

1. Dalai Lama brings message of compassion In his visit to Rice, the Tibetan Buddhist leader calls for 'century of dialogue'
2. Dalai Lama's visit spotlight's Buddhism
3. What's the Difference Between the Dalai Lama and Nine Inch Nails?
4. High Schools: Hey, Lama, how about a little something...
5. Dalai Lama to visit region in 2009
6. Apple tossed at Dalai Lama during S.F. visit

Thursday, May 3

1. Let the Games Begin: Protests Under Way Ahead of 2008 Beijing Olympics
2. Don't believe in God? You might like Dalai Lama
3. The Dalai Lama
4. Dalai Lama begins city tour
5. How a monk's message made the Dalai Lama a star
6. Elderly Tibetans in a sunny twilight
7. Kalon Tsering Phuntsok to offer tenshug to Kyabje Penor Rinpoche
8. Monks plead with Hill for Tibetan radio airtime
10. Pre-Buddhist and Buddhist Monuments in the Upper Sutlej Region (Tibet): The Current Situation (Vortrag von Josep Lluís Alay)

Thursday, May 4

1. MY VIEW - Visit with Dalai Lama was thrill of a lifetime
2. Biographer of Dalai Lama speaks out He's not your ordinary monk
3. Dalai Lama pilgrims attracted by his spirit, emotion, intellect
4. Dalai Lama Visits Madison
5. Doyle meets with Dalai Lama
6. Who's that guy in the red robe?
7. Dalai Lama to visit
8. Dalai Lama Hopes To Spread Message Of Peace
9. Tibet in the soul, but not in the drama
10. Ann Bancroft to speak at Tibetan Film Festival
11. Sacred art of Tibet at Smith

Saturday, May 5

1. Shepherd leads experts to ancient Buddha cave paintings
2. Ancient Buddha cave murals found behind wall of snow
3. Dalai Lama sheds politics for divine
4. Tibetians could live with Chinese in harmony: Dalai Lama
5. Dalai Lama says Tibetan people could live in harmony with Chinese
6. 12,000 see Dalai Lama
7. Dalai Lama Speaks In Madison Of Living Peacefully
8. Rush for Dalai Lama tickets
9. Olympic Pressure on China
10. From Tibet, holy sounds, honored guest
11. Tibet railway helps boost tourist numbers by 15%
12. Hundreds do battle with bush inferno

Sunday, May 6

1. Dalai Lama says he may live out his years in India
2. Naperville journalist shows Dalai Lama in full light
3. Students Prepare Special Welcome For Dalai Lama
4. The Daley family prepares for Dalai Lama's visit to Chicago
5. The Dalai Lama speaks in Chicago
6. The Dalai Lama on...
7. Happiness and Harmony: Crowd Enthralled by Dalai Lama
8. Forced relocations tighten China's grip on Tibet
9. Landslide cuts off Tibet tourist road

Monday, May 7

1. China moves 250,000 Tibetans to new 'socialist villages'
2. In Chicago, Dalai Lama urges China to change Tibet policies
3. Dalai Lama Wraps Up U.S. Visit
4. Lessons in love, compassion from Dalai Lama
5. Speaking for their hearts
6. A message of love, compassion
7. A life-changing experience; Dalai Lama's former bodyguard learns to find peace
8. Dalai Lama Scheduled To Speak In Western Mass
9. Community briefs
10. Western Tibet jolted by strong quake, after-shock, with no casualties

Tuesday, May 8

1. Professor Goldstein responds to Tom Johnson
2. The Missing Peace: Artists Consider the Dalai Lama
3. In Chicago, Dalai Lama urges China to change Tibet policies
4. OLYMPIC NOTES - Torch relay caught in political crosswinds
5. HimVani Impact: Himachal to launch website in foreign languages
6. Airline boss to join Dalai Lama
7. Zoe: The Dalai Lama made me cry

Wednesday, May 9

1. Press statement by Kalon Tempa Tsering regarding His Holiness the Dalai Lama not being able to participate at the Tibet conference in Brussels
2. Dalai Lama scrubs Belgium trip after Chinese pressure
3. Dalai Lama cancels Belgium visit
4. Dalai Lama visit raised half-million
5. Losang Gyatso to Direct VOA Broadcasts to Tibet
6. Tibetan Monks to Offer Prayers for Peace and Healing
7. David Tait: 17 Chinese SUMMIT Everest!
8. China kicks off inspection of water resources in Tibet
10. Tibet sees record number of tourists during May Day holiday
11. Beijing is always watching

Thursday, May 10

1. Dalai Lama looking for answers, too
2. Dalai Lama shows his humility at Smith (The Republican)
3. Dalai Lama playful visiting Smith College (AP)
4. Dalai Lama: Quietly Serious, And Funny
5. Dalai Lama eyes retiring in speech to US students (Reuters)
6. China urges keeping alert against splittism of Dalai Lama (Xinhua)
7. Dalai Lama calls off Brussels visit after Chinese 'objections' (AFP)
8. McleodGanj Clash: A Non-Tibetan’s Reflection
9. Making Sense of the Senseless: Violence in Dharamsala

Friday, May 11

1. The Dalai Lama's statement to the 5th International TSG meet in Belgium
2. China warns countries over Dalai Lama
3. Dilemma of Dalai Lama's visit

Tuesday, May 15

1. Travel to Tibet to get tougher for foreigners
2. Foreigners are barred from wandering alone in Tibet (Times)
3. Life after the Dalai Lama (The Independent)
4. Dalai Lama to reduce political role (TODAY online)
5. Belgium says it was not involved in Dalai Lama's decision to cancel trip last week (AP)
6. Dalai Lama snubbed in Canberra. (ABC)
7. Govt weak over Dalai Lama visit: Brown
8. Tibet independence group wants to send team to Olympics in Beijing
9. Tibetans to have their own Olympics (HT)

Monday, May 21

1. China vows to tighten security in Tibet (reuters)
2. Top Chinese official in Tibet links Dalai Lama to vast separatist conspiracy
3. Awash in a sea of love (Herald Sun, Australia)
4. (Australian) PM and Rudd must not bend to Beijing's will (The Advertiser)
5. (Australian) PM rejects China's Dalai Lama warning (Brisbane Times)
6. Suits in no rush to become enlightened (Brisbane Times)
7. (Kenyan VP) Awori on the spot over failed Dalai Lama visit (Kenya times)

Thursday, May 24

1. No shades of grey in Red China
2. Conference agrees on roadmap for peace in Tibet
3. Israeli agricultural expertise aids Tibetan refugees
4. Rick Ray's search for "10 Questions for the Dalai Lama"
5. The Dalai Lama free to visit Kenya as a private citizen
6. Dalai Lama decision defended
7. CULTURE- BUZZBOX- Tip-top time: Tibet gala benefits health center
8. Satyagrah campaign to save Tibet
9. Sir Edmund Hilary to meet Dalai Lama
10. Big Five Offers New Look at Ancient Lands of Tibet, Nepal & Bhutan
11. Evenings with Jetsun Pema - May 31 & June 1
12. Important information for Tibetan language users on computer and Internet
13. TIBET - Mysterious illness haunts Tibetan highlands

Friday, May 25

1. Dalai Lama can visit Kenya, Govt clarifies
2. 49 Nobel prize winners call for new elections in Nigeria
3. Shortage of competent teachers puts Buddhism on hold: Kalon Tripa
4. Protest Staged in Brussels
5. 2007 Tibetan Festival is Celebrated at Pumpkin Hollow Retreat Center in Craryville, New York, in July
6. Global warming to cause floods in China
7. Dadawa is China's new voice
8. Not a day at the beach Monks' sand exhibit innocently trampled by 3-year-old boy
9. A Newly Diplomatic China Courts the World

Saturday, May 26

1. Room found for Dalai date
2. Dalai Lama's shattered dream for Tibet
3. Two foreign reporters summoned and warned about Tibet stories
4. Mrs Takla is the new Health Kalon
5. Training of trainers on gender
6. First Tibetan radio program in Kathmandu
7. CST ranks third in Class 12 CBSE result
8. Analysis: China not changing for Olympics
9. Buddhist art teaches compassion

Sunday, May 27

1. Mass conversion: Dalits shift faith
2. Tibetan group pleads for help from Executive Yuan
3. India cancels diplomatic visit to China
4. Visa row: Defensive India gives in
5. Muslims in Marin
6. And here's to you, Mrs Robinson

Monday, May 28

1. Life after the Dalai Lama
2. Launch of ACTIVIST campaign in Oslo, Norway
3. 91% of Tibetan students clears Plus 2 exams
4. China and the Olympics—Repression Increases Amidst 'Reform'
5. Behind Dalai Lama's holy cloak
6. Conversion: No Dalai Lama, but Deshmukh attends
7. Nalanda Int’l University: A commendable initiative

Tuesday, May 29

1. Dalai Lama may still drop in
2. Enter the dragon?
3. On politics and privilege: Protesting the Olympic Torch in Tibet
4. A long-life offering to His Holiness the Dalai Lama
5. TIPA's summer bonanza
6. Central China Goldfields says Tibet drilling results 'encouraging'
7. China says state owns Tibetan religious relics
8. Tibet reports 16.5-pct growth in tourism revenue in Q1

Wednesday, May 30

1. Human rights must guide foreign investment Three-year study finds foreign investment too often fails human rights in developing countries
2. Canadian firms accused by group of violations abroad
3. Tough talk on takeovers somewhat ironic
4. China's Games
5. Unseasonal snowfall in Dharamshala brings joy to tourists, businessmen
6. How good are the censors in China?
7. Green group warns China of glacier retreat threat
8. World's Most Endangered Destinations

Thursday, May 31

1. ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ for Thubten Samdup
2. Tibetan Abbot Forced To Step Down
3. His Holiness’ exclusive teaching for Tibetan youths
4. Rights & Democracy study raises disturbing questions
5. It's good to be home, says Kalon Takla
6. A Tibetan boy scores 100 in high school maths exam
7. Letter to Michael Backman of The Age from WTN reader on his article "Behind Dalai Lama's holy cloak"
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