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"On my part, I remain committed to the process of dialogue. It is my firm belief that dialogue and a willingness to look with honesty and clarity at the reality of Tibet can lead us to a viable solution."
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WTN Archives: June, 2007

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Friday, June 1

1. City disappointed by cancellation
2. China's water supply could be cut off as Tibet's glaciers melt
3. Tibet Glacier melt could compound China's water problems: Greenpeace
4. Veggie Days at the Tibetan Staff Mess
5. Foreign ministry questions journalists about Tibet reports
6. Media Freedom Under Assault Ahead of 2008 Olympics Harassment of Journalists, Censorship Still Prevalent Despite Official Pledges
7. Teachers from B.C. muzzled in China
8. Letter to Michael Backman of The Age from WTN reader on his article "Behind Dalai Lama's holy cloak"
9. Tibet to increase funding for relics protection

Saturday, June 2

1. Dalai Lama appeals to Tibetan youth to take up Buddhism
2. Party's over - Health fears force switch in Dalai Lama's schedule
3. Tibetans not Feeling the Olympic Spirit
4. Deal could repress Tibetans
5. A report by Tenam 8 for 8/8/2008
6. Miss Tibet event in October
7. Exhibition Explores Sacred Practices of Tibet Through Exquisite Paintings of Rituals and Ceremonial Implements
8. Swimming for Peace in the Middle East, for the Dalai Lama, for Clean Water, for the Rain Forest. We’ll Drink to That

Sunday, June 3

1. MMS seniors meet filmmaker Lucas
2. Israeli agricultural expertise aids Tibetan refugees
3. The International Forum for a Free Tibet held in Turin
4. Ten-shuk Ceremony in Australia-New Zealand for the Long Life of His Holiness the Dalai Lama
5. Bound For Tibet, On A Mission Of Hope
6. Miss Tibet event in October
7. Finding his own peace

Monday, June 4

1. Thousands of Tibetan youth learn their roots from His Holiness
2. Darfur and Tibet stand alone
3. Taipei hosts pro-Tibet gathering
4. Tibetan Parliament to be in session this September
5. SFTYC and SFT chapters in the Bay Area host Reception Dinner for the Chomolungma Protestors
6. Dalai Lama tour $2m loser
7. City counts cost - Dalai no-show bill mounts up
8. Bendigo's monks go for gold for the Dalai Lama
9. Zeinab the global messenger
10. Blunders galore with no transparency, accountability
11. Monitoring Canadian firms Onus rests with shareholders to keep companies accountable

Tuesday, June 5

1. Mining rage and corporate responsibility in Tibet
2. Howard still coy about meeting Dalai Lama
3. Rudd to meet Dalai Lama
4. Lonely Planet writer vanishes on trek in Tibet bandit country
5. Taktser Rinpoche Plans to Launch “March for Tibet's Independence”
6. Pico Iyer: Travel writer opens eyes to 'globalism'

Wednesday, June 6

1. Take care of the planet, urges the Dalai Lama
2. Claims of the Dalai Lama's nepotistic behaviour wrong
3. New travel guide for tourists to Tibet unmasks propaganda: new restrictions on travel in TAR and closure of local travel agency
4. Search for travel writer in Tibet (BBC)
5. China starts crackdown in Tibet after journalists' visit

Thursday, June 7

1. Dalai Lama talks about poverty, climate
2. A brush with ancient customs in search of peace
3. Bendigo's monks go for gold for the Dalai Lama
4. From funky monk to global voice
5. Tibet may host 6 million tourists by 2010 - Xinhua

Sunday, June 10

1. Dragon Fire
2. Sweden must raise the Tibet issue
3. Tibet's heart and soul
4. World Parliamentarians to meet for Tibet

Tuesday, June 12

1. Dalai for direct talks with China
2. Govt, Opposition dismiss China's criticism
3. Australian PM says he'll meet Dalai Lama this week
4. China slams PM meeting
5. Slim pickings for the political Dalai Lama
6. Dalai Lama warns against China containment
7. Dalai Lama speaks up for indigenous people

Wednesday, June 13

1. Govt, Opposition dismiss China's criticism (ABC)
2. Australia backs Dalai Lama visit (BBC)
3. Support for Tibet, but only in secret
4. Chinese Embassy Tries To Stop NZ Politicians Meeting Dalai Lama
5. Dalai Lama praises Irwins for conservation efforts
6. China: Tibetan Herders' Livelihood in Jeopardy
7. Tibet To Ban Gold Mining To Protect the Environment (AP)
8. Tibetans participate in conference on climate change

Friday, June 15

1. Australian PM meets Dalai Lama despite China warnings (AFP)
2. Howard's half-hour for Tibet
3. Dalai Lama fears arrest if he returns to Tibet
4. Dalai Lama meets NZ PM and appeals for Tibet autonomy (AP)
5. Open Letter To PM On Visit Of HH Dalai Lama
6. Greens Says Chance Meeting Paves Way For Formal Meetings
7. Activist group: China demolishes giant Buddhist statue in Tibet (AP)

Saturday, June 16

1. 5th International Tibet Support Groups' song "March for Freedom".
2. Funeral service for Tendar held in Madison, Wisconsin
3. Time is winning against Tibet
4. PM still unsure of Dalai Lama meeting
5. Australia leader meets Dalai Lama (BBC)
6. Tibet: A nation in exile
7. HIV/AIDS cases rise to 41 in Tibet (Xinhua)
8. Fans ousted for Tibet protest
9. Sterling artworks of 2 Tibetan women artists on display

Sunday, June 17

1. Full house for Dalai Lama
2. Dalai Lama attracts audience of 10,000
3. Courtesy demands formal meeting with Dalai Lama - Editorial
4. Clark urged to meet Dalai Lama again
5. Dalai Lama has arrived, to a 'serious' racket

Monday, June 18

1. Dalai Lama to meet politicians - but not PM
2. High security for visit by Dalai Lama
3. What now for the Dalai Lama
4. Compassion before destruction
5. The Dalai Lama interview

Tuesday, June 19

1. Little progress on autonomy for Tibet: Dalai Lama
2. Dalai Lama meets with NZ foreign minister, visits Parliament
3. NZ tiptoes around Chinese opposition to Dalai Lama visit
4. When higher planes hit political realities
5. Tibet: Journey into Tibet's soul

Wednesday, June 20

1. His Holiness' Australia-New Zealand tour proves a hit
2. Dalai Lama told to give up on 'greater Tibet'
3. Top official dismisses calls for Dalai Lama's return
4. Chinese authorities reject criticism of policies in Tibet
5. New train to Tibet will mean influx of Chinese commerce and culture
6. Everest road shows two sides of China in Tibet
7. Tibet: Out of thin air
8. Richard Gere to receive award for Tibet, Aids work

Thursday, June 21

1. Historic Tibetan passport to be on display in Delhi
2. China, the Dalai Lama and Tibet
3. Tibet official lauds Everest road
4. Mongolia Shows The Way; Recognizes Tibet As Independent State
5. India Urged To Help Tibetan Refugees Get Jobs

Sunday, June 24

1. Crumpled passport 'proves' Tibet independence claim
2. In Homage to Buddha, a Splash of Freedom
3. The Tibetan Reality
4. One of Tibet's Greatest Calligraphers, Ven. Geshe Yeshe Topgyal 1937-2007

Monday, June 25

1. Five questioned in riot over sacred mountain-Xinhua
2. From Tibet to New York, a Youth Now Faces a Long Journey to Recovery
3. China plans highway to Mount Everest for Olympics
4. European parliamentary delegation in Tibet

Tuesday, June 26

1. Tibet activists call for new tactics
2. Taktser Rinpoche Launching Tibet Independence Walk in New York
3. Use of Torture still endemic in Chinese occupied Tibet: TCHRD

Thursday, June 28

1. Dalai Lama envoys to head to China for talks
2. Dalai Lama's envoys to hold talk with China on Tibet
3. Canada's human rights dialogue with China has yielded nothing
4. US Ambassador in India Visits Dalai Lama
5. Official says Mongolia supports continued Chinese presence in Tibet
6. Tibetans Jailed, Tortured For Displaying Banned Flag
7. Tibet is a colonised country and, not just an occupied territory
8. Railway lifts Tibet's foreign trade by 75% in 10 months

Friday, June 29

1. Teachings begin on 7 July
2. Healing the Divide: A Concertfor Peace and Reconciliation
3. Multi-state walk calls for Tibet independence
4. Digital Music Project Races to Save Tibetan Folk Songs
5. UNESCO expresses concern over 6 Chinese World Heritage sites, urges corrective steps
6. PASA: Crushing stones into sunlight print

Saturday, June 30

1. Dalai Lama's envoys in China, hoping for talks
2. Dalai Lama emissaries to begin talks in Beijing
3. The marchers are frustrated, but they stay on peaceful path
4. Tibet Train Continues To Fuel Tourism Boom
5. Religions Internet Sites
6. China, EU parliaments hold regular meeting, pledge dialogue
7. 86th founding anniversary of CPC celebrated in Tibet
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