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Friday, July 20, 2007

6. Gun battle between rival Tibetan groups in Kardze leaves 6 dead (AP)

AP [Wednesday, July 18, 2007 13:20]

Kardze (Garzę) Tibetan Autonomous Region (Tibetan: Wylie
transliteration: dkar mdzes bod rigs rang skyong khul;) is an autonomous
prefecture in Sichuan whose capital is Dartsedo/Dardo (Kangding). Danba
and Dabba counties are in Kardze TAP.

SHANGHAI, China: A gun battle between Tibetan groups feuding over access
to a lucrative wild fungus has left up to people six dead and more than
110 injured, reports said Tuesday.

About 500 ethnic Tibetans from neighboring townships had converged on
Sichuan province's Dabba county government on Friday demanding that the
border between them be clearly demarcated, the Hong Kong-based
Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy reported.

The lack of a clear border had led to escalating clashes over
accusations of poaching of caterpillar fungus, a precious ingredient in
traditional Chinese medicine that is the mainstay of the local economy,
the group said.

County officials made no move to intervene, however, and fighting broke
out between the two groups on a nearby bridge during which several men
from Danba township drew rifles and threw hand grenades, killing six
from Sumdo township, the group said.

A female officer who answered the phone at Dabba police headquarters
confirmed the clash, but said investigators were still trying to
determine the number of casualties.

"I heard that people died but we are not clear about the exact number
since the investigation is still going on," said the woman, who declined
to give her name as is common with Chinese police officers.

Calls to county government officers rang unanswered.

The Information Center said local Tibetan leaders were holding the
county government partly responsible for the clashes because it failed
on repeated occasions to meet calls to settle the border dispute.

Amid rising numbers of civil disturbances, local officials have been
ordered by Beijing to step in before such disputes get out of hand — and
threatened with dismissal for not doing so.

It wasn't clear where the weapons had come from, although guerrillas in
traditionally Tibetan areas of western Sichuan battled occupying Chinese
forces for years in the 1950s.

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