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WTN Archives: July, 2007

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Monday, July 2

1. China Destroys Giant Buddhist Statue in Tibet
2. A farmer Releases after serving 15 years in Prison
3. Making room for history
4. Dalai Lama adviser visits Colorado
5. Long Journey to Refuge
6. Paving Mount Everest?
7. Figures about Qinghai-Tibet Railway

Tuesday, July 3

1. China plays down trip by Dalai Lama's envoys
2. India has its own 'soft power' - Buddhism
3. India, China: Read between the (border) lines
4. Train to Tibet carries 1.5 million people in first year
5. Taktser Rinpoche Receiving Tibet Independence Walkers in Philadelphia
6. Oracle of Tibet promotes sense of community
7. Rail to Tibet brings jobs "When rails rattle, money comes"
8. The myth of ‘Greater China’

Tuesday, July 4

1. Lack of progress threatens China-Dalai Lama detente
2. The politics of Tibet: a 2007 reality check
3. Time for Government to reaffirm its policy on Tibet
4. When Tibetan music touched every heart in Dharamshala

Thursday, July 5

1. Global warming sends temperatures higher in Tibet
2. Tips for Tibet from British MPs
3. Human Rights Commission Chairman highlights Human Rights abuses in Tibet in letter to Mark Malloch Brown
4. Tibetan medium to visit

Friday, July 6

1. Tibetans keen on results of 6th round of dialogue: Kalon Tripa
2. Teachings begin on 7 July
3. Declaration of Tibet's Independence
4. Happy Birthday to the Dalai Lama

Sunday, July 8

1. Express your support of Birng Tibe to the 2008 Olympic games
2. Nine Tibetans from Switzerland join Team Tibet for Beijing 2008
3. China-Tibet dialogue is at critical stage: envoy
4. Talks with China at critical stage - Dalai Lama envoy
5. China Refuses To Pay Tibetans For Work on Olympics
6. Everest at risk as new road conquers roof of the world
7. His Holiness the Dalai Lama to visit Barcelona in September 07

Sunday, July 8 (2)

1. China releases a Tibetan Political Prisoner, Thupten Yeshi, upon completion of 15 Years' term
2. Tourists report Tibet harassment
3. Renowned monk calls for balanced lives His visit focuses on global warming
4. South Africans celebrated His Holiness the Dalai Lama's Birthday
5. Sikkim bows to Dalai Lama
6. Celebrity Chinese writer join Tibetans, Londoners in celebrating His Holiness' birthday

Tuesday, July 10

1. Marchers spread message of independence
2. Tibet freedom group marches through Island
3. 100 mile walk for Tibet's independence
4. TEAM TIBET: Bring Tibet to the 2008 Games!
5. Tibetan Association of Northern California (TANC) Celebrates Trung-Kar

Wednesday, July 11

1. All Tibetan people should be under one single administration: Lodi Gyari
2. Chinese Authorities Close Tibetan Literary Web Site
3. Kalon Tripa to visit Finland and Germany
4. 72nd birthday of His Holiness celebrated in Russia
5. His Holiness the Dalai Lama's birthday celebration in Toronto

Thursday, July 12

1. Alan's medical research on Tibet expedition
2. Monks spread message of peace
3. Singing for a free Tibet
4. Tibetan high school in Nepal excels in board exam
5. Wild life poaching still rampant in Tibet
6. The case against autonomy for Tibet

Saturday, July 14

1. Germans Prefer Dalai Lama to Pope Benedict, Says Study
2. Death toll in Tibet tour bus accident climbs to 14
3. My kind of exile

Sunday, July 15

1. Indefinite Hunger Strike Update: Day 7
2. Three weeks in Tibet
3. "Legend from Tibet - King Gesar of Ling"
4. Indian Kashmir goes digital to discourage shahtoosh trade

Monday, July 16

1. Education, Employment Top Concerns for Tibetan Youth
2. Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism offers Tenshug to His Holiness
3. China to invest 20 bln yuan for eco-protection in Tibet
4. China's vital wetlands shrinking due to climate change
5. Oracle speaks on global warming
6. Bridgeton man's tomatoes help Tibet

Tuesday, July 17

1. Tibetan says hawks close door on China-Dalai talks
2. Indefinite Hunger Strike Update: Day 9
3. Dalai Lama to arrive in Derry this morning
4. The great game of cat and mouse
5. Dalai Lama speaks at global meeting of Buddhists in Germany
6. Future Tibet
7. Letter to Mr N Ram - Editor, The Hindu newspaper
8. International PEN Calls for Freedom of Speech in Tibet

Wednesday, July 18

1. Indefinite Hunger Strike Update : Day 10
2. Wanted: Tibetan Nannies
3. His Holiness the Dalai Lama meets his hero
4. Gun battle between rival Tibetan groups in Kardze leaves 6 dead
5. Everest base camp a 'wild-west town'

Friday, July 20

1. Tibetan says hawks close door on China-Dalai talks (Reuters)
2. China and Tibet : The great game of cat and mouse (The Statesman, India)
3. International PEN Calls for Freedom of Speech in Tibet
4. Climate change taking toll on glaciers (China Daily)
5. Tibetan monks protest staging of Beijing 2008 Olympics
6. Gun battle between rival Tibetan groups in Kardze leaves 6 dead (AP)
7. Founder of ‘Tibetan Freedom’ newspaper passes away in Darjeeling
8. World Cup legends back charity (Belfast Telegraph)

Sunday, July 22

1. Forgiveness is not a sign of weakness, His Holiness tells Derry/Londonderry audience
2. Wanted: Tibetan Nannies (The New York Observer)
3. Palace chief: Potala Palace well preserved (Xinhua)
4. China rainstorm leaves over 80 vehicles stranded in Tibet .

Tuesday, July 24

1. Dalai Lama voices alarm at human rights in Tibet (dpa)
2. Dalai Lama says Tibetan resistance to stay peaceful (dpa)
3. Dalai Lama speaks of right to happiness, 10,000 listen (dpa)
4. Road to Beijing paves way for Everest's destruction (Reuters)
5. China gathering intelligence on activists it thinks might disrupt 2008 Olympics
6. Price For Prized Himalayan Fungus Soars to Record High (VOA)
7. Taking control of a mineral-rich province (The Australian)

Thursday, July 26

1. My main purpose is the promotion of Human Values: Dalai Lama (DW)
2. Tibet group to protest Beijing Olympics at US ballparks
3. Tibet advocacy groups team up for one-year countdown to 2008 Beijing Olympics at baseball stadiums across North America
4. Dalai Lama Announces “Full Support” for Introduction of Full Ordination for Women in Tibetan Buddhism
5. Mining becomes one of the top industries in Tibet
6. China-Inner Mongolia 26 July 2007
7. Tibet’s environmental standards restrict miners
8. Tibet is warming at twice global average
9. TYC-led Hunger Strike continues amidst appeals to end: Day 17
10. Conference of North American Tibetan university students in New York

Sunday, July 29

1. China 'open for talks' with Dalai Lama (Reuters)
2. Talks for 'Tibetan Independence' pointless: China (PTI)
3. Olympics highlight human rights in China (AP)
4. Development 'not ruining' Potala (BBC)
5. Tibet is remade by hand of Chinese government
6. China flouts Dalai Lama's ruling, forces horse festival participants to wear Tibetan fur robes

Monday, July 30

1. Dalai Lama’s remarks hit home in Beijing (DPA)
2. Dalai Lama urged to abandon stance (XInhua)
3. China flouts Dalai Lama's ruling, forces horse festival participants to wear Tibetan fur robes (ANI)
4. Tibetans benefit least from mining in Tibet (BBC)
5. Tibet: Development spoiling Potala palace's unique atmosphere (BBC)
6. Panchen Lama vows to work for harmonious country, world (Xinhua)
7. Taktser Rinpoche participates in 2007 “March for Tibet's Independence”
8. HH the Dalai Lama on Bhikshuni Ordination in the Tibetan Tradition
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