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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

7. Activists arrested in China (The Province)

Part of a demonstration by Students for a Free Tibet

Kent Spencer
The Province; with a file from CanWest News Service

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The mother of Vancouver protester Sam Price -- arrested in China
yesterday with five others for unveiling a "Free Tibet" poster on the
Great Wall -- hopes he won't be mistreated.

"I'm very nervous about his whereabouts," said Caroline Price of
Victoria. "I hope nobody's harmed."

Price and Melanie Raoul, also of Vancouver, were part of a demonstration
by a group called Students for a Free Tibet. Murky video of the incident
posted to YouTube shows two people lowering themselves down a quiet
section of the Great Wall on ropes.

The footage shows the pair struggling to unfurl a large banner while
colleagues on the ground provide commentary. Near the end of the
five-minute segment, figures appear at the top of the wall.

Free Tibet said the six demonstrators, three of whom are American and
one British, were arrested by Chinese authorities.

A spokesman for Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs said consular
officials in Beijing were trying to verify the group's claim.

"If Canadian citizens have been arrested, our officials will seek
immediate access," said Bernard Nguyen.

The group's 42-square-metre banner read: "One World, One Dream, Free
Tibet 2008." It was printed in English and Chinese.

The protest was timed to coincide with festivities celebrating the start
of the Beijing Summer Olympics in exactly one year. International
Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge is in Beijing for the occasion.

Chinese authorities have said they won't allow politics to interfere
with the Games.

Freya Putt of Students for a Free Tibet said the protest was carefully
planned, adding: "Obviously it was a daring and complicated act. There
was a lot of risk."

Putt hopes worldwide publicity will pressure Chinese authorities to "end
their occupation of Tibet."

But she expects news of the incident to be suppressed in China.

She said she hopes the protesters are expelled from the country rather
than "treated harshly" because authorities will be sensitive to
international opinion. "If a Tibetan took this action, he would get a
long sentence. For foreigners, it's unlikely," she said.

Caroline Price said her son informed her one week ago that the attempt
would be made. "I had a great deal of anxiety [waiting]. I understand
what this is all about. Tibet is being obliterated quite quietly," she said.

Price, 32, has studied biology in Canada and England. Raoul attended
Kitsilano Secondary and graduated from University of B.C. with a major
in history and Latin American studies. She joined Students for a Free
Tibet in 2001.

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