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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

9. Parents worried after 2 Vancouverites reportedly held in China (CBC)

Foreign Affairs trying to determine status of Price, Raoul

Last Updated: Tuesday, August 7, 2007 | 10:29 PM ET

CBC News

Parents of two Vancouverites said Tuesday evening they are very worried
about the safety of the pair after the Chinese government seized six
activitists who were protesting on the Great Wall against the Chinese
presence in Tibet.

The protesters unfurled a 42-square-metre banner reading "One World, One
Dream, Free Tibet 2008" in English and Chinese from the Great Wall.

"Chinese authorities removed the activists after two hours; their
current whereabouts are unknown," the group Students for a Free Tibet
(SFT) said in a news release on Tuesday.

The protesters include Sam Price and Melanie Raoul from Vancouver, along
with one U.K resident and three from the U.S.

"To simply not know anything about his whereabouts or what's happening
to him at this moment is very disturbing and very unsettling," Caroline
Price, the mother of 32-year-old Sam Price, told CBC News.

Yvon Raoul, the father of 25-year-old Melanie Raoul, said his daughter
was part of the protest organized by SFT.

"Sometime we wish that she hadn't done it," Raoul told CBC News. "But at
the same time one has to accept as a parent that your child is an
independent being, and she has a mind of her own."

A spokesman for the Foreign Affairs Department said on Tuesday they're
still trying to determine the status of Price and Raoul and are waiting
for answers from Chinese officials.

"This morning, six amazing people of conscience risked their lives to
defend the Tibetan people," SFT executive director Lhadon Tethong said
in her blog from Beijing.

The banner adds three words — "Free Tibet 2008" — to the official slogan
of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Tuesday starts the one-year countdown to
the Olympics.

Advocates who want Tibet freed from China say the Chinese government is
using the Games to gain international acceptance.

"By protesting at the Great Wall, the most recognizable symbol of
Chinese nationhood, we're sending a clear message that China’s dream of
international leadership cannot be realized as long as it continues its
brutal occupation of Tibet," Tenzin Dorjee, spokesman for SFT, said in
the release.

The group also wants the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to push
the case for Tibetan freedom.

Tethong, a Tibetan, was trying to meet IOC president Jacques Rogge. She
said on her blog that she went to his Beijing hotel and "confronted" him
as he left, surrounded by heavy security.

"'Dr. Rogge! I'm Tibetan and I'd like to talk to you about Tibet, and
human rights,'" she said.

"He looked at me with the most uninterested expression I have ever seen.
He barely glanced up from his BlackBerry. And in a moment he was whisked
out the door and into a minibus."

The media-savvy group is using the blog and YouTube, where they have
posted a video of the banner being hung from the Great Wall, to attract
worldwide attention.

China invaded Tibet in 1950, and in 1999 declared it to be an
"inseparable part of China." In 2004, a government policy paper said
Tibet had always been part of China, and before the Chinese imposed
direct rule, Tibet was "even darker and more backward than medieval Europe."

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