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Where to give for Nepal earthquake relief

May 04, 2015

International Tibet Network, May 2, 2015 - On Saturday 25 April, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal, with its epicentre midway between Kathmandu and Pokhara. The official death toll is well above 6,000 and rising daily as relief agencies reach remote villages cut off by the quake. Thousands of people remain unaccounted for, and severe aftershocks have been hampering rescue efforts. Whilst the border areas of Tibet were also badly affected by the quake, official information about casualties is sketchy, and no international aid organisations are permitted to work in Tibet as far as we are aware.

Lessons-learned from the emergency response to other disasters, such as Haiti, strongly suggest that donating money is significantly more effective than sending goods. 

Here are some examples of organisations that are helping people affected in Nepal.

In Canada

Canada is matching donations for Nepal.  To take advantage of this program, the CTC recommends that Canadians give via Development & Peace, part of the Caritas Internationalis network which has been active in Nepal for many years. https://www.devp.org/en/articles/development-and-peace-assisting-earthquake-victims-nepal

Outside Canada

The following organisations have dedicated appeals and in many cases direct experience of working with Nepal’s poorest people, including its Tibetan population. Many of them are engaged in emergency relief but are also raising funds for the future; re-building, health and restoration of services such as education, working with grassroots partner organisations.

Tibet & Region-specific organisations

American Himalayan Foundation 

Tibet Foundation 

International Campaign for Tibet (directing donations to established organisations working in Nepal)

Tibet Fund (working with partners in Nepal, such as Snow Lion Foundation and The Himalayan Society for Youth and Women Empowerment)

Tibet Relief Fund 

Seva Foundation (Sight Clinics) 

Tewa, supporting women’s projects 

We Help Nepal – supporting locally-led, corruption-free Nepal. We Help Nepal works with Groups including: Gorkha Foundation,  Chokgyur Lingpa Foundation, The Umbrella Foundation, Kids of KathmanduAppropriate Technology Asia, and Local Initiatives for Biodiversity and Development,

Shedrub Development Fund (Monastery in Nepal)

Tsoknyi Rinpoche, see Emergency Message or to give – http://www.tsoknyinepalnuns.org/donate/

International Aid Agencies and International Organisations

Disasters Emergency Committee 

Red Cross (International)


Save the Children 

Medecins Sans Frontieres 

World Food Programme

Avaaz – distributing donations to effective local organisations. 

Global Giving 

Facebook is also matching $2 million in donations

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