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World Tibet Network News: Now Archived on World Wide Web

November 04, 1998

Montreal: The Canada Tibet Committee (CTC) announced today that an archive of its daily electronic news service, World Tibet Network (WTN) News, is now available on the CTC website, http://www.tibet.ca. The archive contains over 6,770 articles in 1,820 WTN issues going back to December 1993. Earlier issues will be added on later. A search engine is provided for easy research.

"We believe that the WTN News Archive will be a lasting contribution to the Tibet support community", said Thubten Samdup, President of the Canada Tibet Committee. "We hope that organizations wishing to provide Tibet information to their membership will link their websites to www.tibet.ca".

WTN News is a volunteer initiative funded entirely by donations and administered by the Canada Tibet Committee. The editors view the international perspective of WTN News as its defining feature and welcome subscribers'assistance in accessing electronic news from around the world. WTN News has over 3000 subscribers in 60 countries, including the Peoples' Republic of China.

WTN Editors and the CTC would like to thank Mike Bridge of Edmonton, Canada, for the countless hours of work he has put into building the WTN News archive. We would also like to thank our webmaster, Ms. Tenzin Jamyang for maintaining the CTC website, Ms. Marzianna Pecen of Texas for providing the disk space, and Mr. Doug Shiller and Mr. Christian Saucier for their technical assistance.

WTN News Editorial Board consists of: Nima Dorjee, Conrad Richter, Brian Given & Thubten Samdup (Canada Tibet Committee), and Tseten Samdup (Office of Tibet, UK).

Suggestions, comments and submissions to WTN News are welcomed and should be sent to WTN editors at wtn-editors@tibet.ca. Donations to offset the operating costs of the news service are welcome and can be sent to the Canada Tibet Committee, 4675 Coolbrook, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3X 2K7.

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