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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."

Statement regarding World Bank decision on Tibet

July 07, 2000

Canada Tibet Committee National Office

"China's defeat at the World Bank today is a monumental victory for the Tibetan people. Governments that for years have turned a blind eye towards Chinese actions in Tibet have shown, in the clearest way, that their tolerance has a limit.

The voiceless citizens of Dulan have been heard thanks to a wonderful coming together of non-governmental organizations, students and activists who have valiantly held their ground in order to represent the unrepresented. I know they will continue the struggle as China prepares to move its population into Tibetan regions even without the help of World Bank funding.

This is also a wonderful day for advocates of World Bank reform. Bank staff has been held accountable to the rules which govern its activities - an outcome that will multiply positive effects for the many thousands of villagers, farmers and indigenous people affected by bad development projects in countries around the world.

I wish to extend my thanks to Government of Canada officials, including Canada's Executive Director at the World Bank, Ms. Terrie O'Leary, for consistent willingness to meet with and listen to Tibetan Canadians and their supporters throughout this process. "

Thubten Samdup, President
Canada Tibet Committee
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