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Expanded Services on Upgraded WTN/CTC Tibet Website

April 06, 2000

Extensive Archive, Daily Updates, Bilingual Text

Montreal, April 6, 2000: The Canada Tibet Committee (CTC) announced today that it has launched an upgraded version of its website, The new website includes over 10,000 articles in its archive of the World Tibet Network (WTN) electronic news service. The archive includes a search engine which provides researchers with unprecedented access to electronic information dating back to December 1993. The website and archive are updated daily, making it a unique resource for activists, academics, governments and others interested Tibet-related issues.

In response to increasing requests for French-language web services, the expanded website offers bilingual text for the first time. Other features of the new website include a youth-oriented page focussed on the 10 year-old Panchen Lama and a direct link to Snow Lion Publications, a catalog service providing an extensive selection of Tibet-related books and artifacts. Under a special agreement with Snow Lion, a percentage of sales produced through the link are returned to the Canada Tibet Committee for institutional support including administration of the website and the WTN daily news service.

"We are pleased to offer this resource to the community of Tibet supporters around the world", said Thubten Samdup, President of the Canada Tibet Committee. "Information technology is transforming the way people learn and develop ideas. We believe that our ability as Tibetans, to creatively use this technology will be a significant factor in our struggle for a free Tibet."

The Canada Tibet Committee website currently receives over1600 "hits" per day. WTN News has over 3500 subscribers in 60 countries, including the Peoples' Republic of China. Both the website and WTN are administered entirely by volunteers. Thubten Samdup of Montreal, Canada, Tseten Samdup of London, U.K. and Nima Dorjee of Calgary, Canada edit WTN News.

WTN Editors and the CTC would like to acknowledge the work of Mike Bridge of Edmonton, Canada,. Tenzin Jamyang and Andrew Taylor of Toronto, Marzianna Pecen of Texas and Mr. Christian Saucier of Atlanta. Special thanks goes to the team of translators headed and coordinated by Marie-Claude Fleyfel of Montreal.

Suggestions, comments regarding the website should be sent to Submissions to WTN News are welcomed at Donations towards the operating costs of these services can be sent to Canada Tibet Committee, National Office, 4675 Coolbrook, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3X 2K7.

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