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Nepal Authorities Arrested Six Refugees After Escaping Tibet

January 6, 2011

Tuesday, 04 January 2011 12:57 YC. Dhardhowa, The Tibet Post International

Dharamshala: Nepalese authorities have arrested a group of six Tibetan
refugees who recently escaped into Nepal from Tibet. The four Tibetan
men and two women, who did not have any travel documents, were
apprehended at around midnight in Sindhupalchowk district Sunday.

Despite signing the UN Refugee Convention, Nepali authorities arrested
hundreds of Tibetan refugees, accusing them of attempting an illegal
entry to Nepal. The group was handed over to immigration authorities for
investigation and necessary action, said Nepal authorities.

Amid growing pressure from the communist regime of China, Nepal has been
sending back the Tibetan refugees "illegally entering into Nepal from
China." Over the last several years many news reports have confirmed
that authorities of Nepal has handed over several Tibetan refugees to
Chinese authorities living in Tibet.

The China's communist regime has used its financial muscle to pay off
the Nepal government to arrest Tibetan refugees who fleeing Tibet and
crackdown on Tibetan refugees living in Nepal, according to secret US
cables published by WikiLeaks.

Cables released by the whistle-blower website show an unnamed source of
the US Embassy in New Delhi repeatedly claiming that "Chinese government
rewards Nepali forces by providing financial incentives to officers who
hand over Tibetans attempting to exit China".

China claims there are no Tibetan refugees, only illegal migrants who
should be given harsh punishment to stop the exodus. This year, Nepal's
dependence on China has grown as it is regarding the communist republic
as the second largest source of tourists to make its 'Visit Nepal 2011'
year a resounding success.

Various international communities including human rights organizations
have alleged that Tibetan refugees thus sent back home are punished and
severely tortured by Chinese authorities in Tibet.

Nepal is home to around 20,000 exiled Tibetans. They began arriving in
large numbers after Tibetan spiritual leader, His Holiness the Dalai
Lama fled Tibet following a failed uprising in 1959. Following strong
pressure from the communist regime of China, Nepal has forced to tighten
up security along its border with Tibet.
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