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Tibetan Administration eager to revive Nepal-Tibetan ties

October 28, 2011

Amitava Banerjee, Hindustan Times

Lobsang Sangay the Kalon Tripa (Prime Minister of the Central Tibetan Administration) has shown willingness to adopt diplomatic measures to ensure Nepal-Tibetan relation back on track. Off late the age old cordial relations between Nepal and the Tibetans residing has soured with the Government on Nepal ordering a crack down on all forms of anti-Chinese pro-Tibet demonstrations in Nepalese soil.

Sangay the political head of the 6 million Tibetan living worldwide, on a visit of his alma mater, the Central School for Tibetans (CST,) Darjeeling stated “The sudden change in attitude of the Government of Nepal towards the Tibetans is unfortunate. Tibet and Nepal have a long historic bond. Nepal while applying to become a member state of the United Nations had cited its good relationship with Tibet and the treaties as evidence of Nepal’s sovereign nature. It is sad that all these facts are being shelved now.” stated Sangay.

Lobsang Sangay, the Kalon Tripa (Prime Minister of the Central Tibetan Administration)

However he stated that he was willing to walk the extra mile to renew the good relationship with Nepal. “In order to resolve this issue we are willing to send formal or informal emissaries to Nepal to talk the Government into stopping this unfair treatment towards the Tibetans. Even the Nepali people should remain alert and create pressure on their Government to immediately stop such treatment on the Tibetans” stated the Kalon Tripa.

In June this year around 200 “Free Tibet” posters had appeared in the Chinese Embassy and Consular area in Kathmandu, Nepal. In August around 60 Chinese delegated led by Minister of Public Security Zhou Yong Kong had visited Nepal.

Within a few days of this visit the Ministry of Home Affairs, Nepal, ordered its Police, Armed Police Force and National Investigation Bureau to crackdown on all anti-Chinese demonstrations, to identify the anti Chinese protestors and funding sources.

“Nepal and Tibet have a lot in common including culture, tradition and to an extent language and script. There have been numerous treaties between Nepal and Tibet. Even the founder of the Tibetan empire Emperor Songtsan Gampo had married Nepali princess Bhrikuti. Nepal has hardly anything common with China” remarked Sangay.

It was a home coming for the 42 year old Tibetan political head. Sangay was born in 1968 at the first Tibetan settlement at Lamahatta near Darjeeling. He did his schooling Central School for Tibetans (CST) in Darjeeling and Sonada. He did his BA in English Literature and Bachelor in Law from Delhi University. In 1995, he became a Fulbright Scholar and completed his masters at Harvard Law School.

“I have been excited and looking forward to the golden jubilee celebrations of my alma mater. Even the cancellation of my flight from Dharmasala could not deter me. I took a four hour drive to Jammu and then onto Delhi and then Bagdogra to Darjeeling. I wanted to see my school and the Mount Kanchengunga” stated the Kalon Tripa. He will be visiting Lamahatta on Saturday.

He even enthralled the crowds by speaking Nepali “Namastey, Kasto Chau” (Namastey, How have you been) displaying his strong bond with the Darjeeling Hills.

In support of the Jasmine Revolution which has gripped the Middle East and African countries, Sangay remarked “ It is all about universality of freedom. Things are changing for the better. Authoritarian regimes are ending paving way for freedom and democracy. Tibet one day will also be free” stated Sangay.

Regarding certain reservations of the Tibetan Youth Congress in the change of nomenclature from “Tibetan Government in Exile” to “Central Tibetan Administration,” Sangay stated “The name has been changed in Tibetan due to certain technicalities but is the same in English. It was always the Central Tibetan Administration in English” he stated.

“The legitimacy, legality and the legacy continues with me. While administering oath on August 8, 2011, HH the Dalai Lama had stated that he was handing over the political authority which had been handed over by the Regent in 1542 to the 5th Dalai Lama, to me. He even handed over the Tibetan seal made by the 7th Dalai Lama to me” added the Kalon Tripa.

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