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Activists urge India's foreign minister to act on Tibet

September 10, 2012

DHARAMSALA, September 6, 2012: Indian friends and supporters of Tibet have urged the Indian Foreign Affairs Minister and the Parliamentary Standing Committee on External Affairs to advance greater multi-lateral action on Tibet.

Campaigners from the Core Group for Tibetan Cause, an umbrella organisation of all India Tibet Support Groups, today submitted a memorandum to SM Krishna, calling for greater multi-lateral pressure on China over Tibet.

In a coordinated action, advocates across the world are pressing Foreign Ministries to act for Tibet in conjunction with other governments during the forthcoming United Nations Human Rights Council and General Assembly, both of which meet in September.

Dr N.K. Trikha, National Convener of the Core Group for Tibetan Cause, in a release said the international community is “failing” in its responsibility to protect Tibetan people from “gross human rights violation taking place in Chinese occupied Tibet.”

“Previous inaction by world governments and international bodies has allowed the crisis in Tibet to worsen with now more than 50 individuals choosing to set light to themselves in protest against Beijing’s harsh rule” Dr Trikha said. “We need India to urgently undertake stronger, more coordinated, multi-lateral action on Tibet and seek a long overdue solution to this spiralling tragedy.”

In the memorandum, the Indian supporters blamed China’s 60 years of “repressive policies and a severe and worsening security crackdown” in Tibet for “provoking” the ongoing wave of self-immolations.

They also noted that China’s “flagrant disregard” for fundamental human rights and its “violent and systematic assault” on the Tibetan people “must be condemned by global leaders.”

“The International response to the drastic situation in Tibet has regrettably been inadequate and has not brought any relief,” the memorandum reads. “Therefore, we are requesting that world governments join together and engage in coordinated multi-lateral action to address the crisis situation in Tibet.”

In the release, Vijay Kranti, National Co-convener of the Core Group for Tibetan Cause noted that the self-immolations, although a sad event, “very strongly reveals the real truth of Tibetan situation.”

“It shows the frustration and extreme lack of faith of common Tibetan in Chinese rulers,” Kranti said. “It proves that Tibetans desire for Tibetan freedom, their deep faith in His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the commitment of the people of Cholka Sum to see Tibet free once again.”

The Core Group members also met with six members of the Indian parliamentary standing committee on External Affairs and urged them to raise the critical situation in Tibet and the need for a multi-lateral action during the forthcoming committee meeting with the External Affairs Ministry.

They further requested the parliamentarians to invite the elected leader of the Tibetan people, Kalon Tripa Dr Lobsang Sangay to the committee to hear on triangular relations between India, Tibet & China.
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