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BBC journalist reports severe restrictions on freedom of movement in Tibet

September 16, 2013

September 11, 2013 - There is a severe restriction on freedom of movement and a complete denial of traveling rights to Tibetans in Lhasa, BBC correspondent Sarah Cruddas said on her show ‘New Horizon’ on 5 September. She was on a visit to Lhasa to ascertain the social condition and the ground realities inside Tibet.  

She has expressed shock and sadness at what she saw. “There is a lot of political intervention in the day to day life of a Tibetan, making it hard to move around freely, let alone, outside the country, she said, adding, “wherever you go, you are greeted by heavily armed Chinese military personnel, a grim reminder of Tibet’s occupation by China.”

“My Tibetan tour guide told me that she wants to go abroad but the Chinese government hardly issues passports to Tibetans who want to travel abroad,” she said. Tibetans are viewed with suspicion and there are numerous checkpoints and surveillance cameras everywhere, she added.

She also noted a huge shift in Lhasa’s demographic structure as a result of mass migration of ethnic Chinese into Tibet. “There is about eight Han Chinese to one Tibetan in Lhasa,” she said.

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