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Tibetan Community in Santa Fe, (New Mexico) Statement on March 10 anniversary

March 11, 2009

Tibetan Association of Santa Fe, New Mexico
March 10, 2009

Dear fellow Tibetans,

Dear Friends of humanity and Tibetans in the Media,

I, on behalf of Tibetan Community Members in Santa Fe, RTYC (Regional Tibetan Youth Congress, Santa Fe, NM) and all loving American Supports would like issue the attached Press Release and a brochure on the issues of Tibet and 50th March10 Tibetan National Uprising Day. We will issue a detailed program later.

I sincerely request all enlightened media to come and cover our 50th March 10, 2009 program from starting to fish. So as to highlight the Communist Chinese Governments crime in Tibet. Your coverage will immensely educate the people all around the world and change the rigid opinions of the Government. Above all, your coverage will bring more support to the Tibetans in this dire situation and save Tibet from the strongest dictatorial rule ever imposed the humanity by the regime of People's Republic of China. 

2) 50 years of relentless occupation, suppression and inhuman repression

3) Illegally over throwing of sovereign Government of Tibet - Ga Den Pho Trang Chog Ley Nam Gyal

4) Exile of H.H. the Dalai Lama, who is not only a leader but the vision and soles of Tibetans

5) Unjustly and beyond any human reasoning attacking on the character of 1989 Nobel Laureate H.H. the Dalai Lama, spiritual and temporal leader of Tibet. Who had done nothing but studied to learnt, contemplated and practiced - peace, compassion, loving kindness since the age of 5 when he was brought to Lhasa Tibet and enthroned as Tibet's God King Tibet. Whose only mistake was followed the ancient Buddhist philosophy of non-violence, and tried to negotiate with enemy to benefit for both sides and avoided an eminent bloodshed. He was being attacked for being reason to the words that we always mention and wish for. The words like - Peace, Love, compassion, right, equality, Liberty, human dignity, sharing, reasoning, trust, understanding, negotiation, no to war, universal responsibility and we are all one human family. He never fought for his fame, thrown, or his wellbeing.

6) Carrying out Genocide in Tibet including Cultural Genocide.

7) Re-writing and altering Tibetan history for the last 50yrs based on Chinese mythological dreams which is not based on any truth and justification so as to justify their occupation.

8) Killing over 1.2 Million Tibetans including many high ranking monks, and still killing behind the bamboo curtain

9) Destroying Tibetan religious and traditional fabric of life;

a) Destroying over 6,000 monasteries

b) Destroying numerous Buddhist statues of immense spiritual and investment values.

c) Destroying ancient and precious Buddhist scriptures called Pe cha and other relics

d) Monks and nuns were forced to break their sacred vows.

e) Brainwashing Tibetan leaders like late Panchen Rimpoche and among others to denounce H.H. the Dalai Lama. 

f) Passing a mock able law renouncing the Tibetan Buddhist age old system of Tulku  (Living Buddha's) recognition and enforcing communist law against will of all Buddhist.

10) Illegally destroying and stealing Tibet's forestry and other mineral resources including water. Selling these riches to the outside world without the consent of Tibetans is nothing but black-marketing.

11) Bringing famine in Tibet by changing Tibet's agricultural growth pattern.

12) Forcing communism to the people and nation that is distinct from China.

13) Legalizing killing of Tibetans whose crime is nothing but redeeming their bright to human dignity and freedom to decide once own destiny and religion under the falls garb of separatist and disclosing state secrets.

14) Illegally using sophisticated high tech military weaponry systems and highly trained military personnel on unarmed innocent Tibetans, without consideration to international law.

16) Hiding above illegal activities from the rest of the world under politically motivated term called "Internal Matters".

17) Shooting randomly in crowd who are protesting peacefully and killing many.

18) Arbitrary arrest of Tibetans without legal warrant or proof

19) Arbitrary searching of homes without legal warrant or proof

20) Denial of proper representation in the court of law

21) Denial of medical assistant to the injured within and outside the prison system

22) Imposing politically motivated law of curving freedom of movement and speech.

24) Locking entire geographical territory of Tibet which includes Kham, Ue, and Amdo from International monitoring and investigation apparatus.

25) Holding entire geographical territory of Tibet as hostage against their leader H.H. the Dalai Lama and true Government of Tibet based in Exile, Dharamsala, India.

25) Gross violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Right to whom China is a signatory.

26) Gross violation of Geneva convention of prisoner

27) Gross violation of among others Chinese own constitution

28) Denial of equal education to Tibetans

29) Denial of equal job opportunity

30) Treating Tibet as dumping site of Chinese and international nuclear wastes.

31) Blocking information to the Tibetan people among others from various developments within and outside Tibet including Buddhist and other religious teachings happening around the world.

32) Displacement of Tibetan nomadic life through misinformation, threat and economic assistants with political motivated agenda of using the Tibet's vast grassland for mining and industry. Tibetan nomads used traditional grazing technique passed from generation to generation, has not only maintained the vast grasslands of Tibet for thousands and thousands of years which is has maintained the ecological balance in par with scientific natural animal husbandry techniques and providing organic products to the people.

33) Massive population transfer that turn Tibetans into 2nd class citizen in their own land.

34) Massive deployment of military troops that not only intimidated the local Tibetan populace but threatened the entire Indian sub-continent along the Himalayan borders.

35) Occupation as a whole annihilated the Tibetan populace. Subject immeasurable misery, torture, death, damage to property and inflicted unaccountable psychological tyranny and trauma to Tibetans living both within Tibetan outside Tibet.

People's Republic of China more so the Chinese Communist Party is accountable to above mentioned illegal crimes must pay both for physical and psychological costs. I would like to request the media, American supporters and international government and people to support the Tibetans to set a new global paradigm for peace, freedom and friendship by telling China, in a united and concerted voice and action that we do not neither trust Chinese Government's action, nor approve China's so called one China Policy nor  approve Chinese gross violation of human rights practiced in Tibet. Tell the Chinese to be a good and respectful super power, they must give Tibet back to Tibetans without any re-condition and delay otherwise China will face global boycott of Chinese products, trade and economy.

Rigzin Latoe
Tibetan Association of Santa Fe, New Mexico
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