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"I believe that to meet the challenges of our times, human beings will have to develop a greater sense of universal responsibility. It is the foundation for world peace."

A poem: Free Me

March 17, 2009

by Tsoltim N. Shakabpa
March 16, 2009

Guns and bullets kill me
Sticks and stones injure me
Prisons and torture torment me

Free me from this rule
Deliver me from this terror
Release me from this scourge

Blinded eyes deceive me
Crushed voices inhibit me
Washed brains bedevil me

I'm sick of living under communism
I'm tired of living under Chinese rule
I'm battered from living under tyranny

Butchered wildlife sicken me
Suppressed cultures outrage me
Polluted environment sadden me

Take me, Chenrezi, to freedom's realm
Take me, Jesus Christ, to heaven's gate
Take me, Lord Buddha, to a better reincarnation

Take me
Take me anywhere
But to subjugation under China

Copyright: ©Tsoltim N. Shakabpa - 2009
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