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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."

Governments and NGOs spoke on Tibet in the UN Human Rights Council

March 19, 2009

Tenzin Samphel (by email)
The Tibet Bureau (Geneva)
March 17, 2009


I would like to inform you on the ongoing Human
Rights Council where governments and NGOs had
made statements yesterday on China in particular
Tibet. These statements were made under agenda
Item 4 which is “Below are the statements "Human
Rights situations that require the Council's
attention". FYI, find below abstract statements transcript from webcasting.

Czech Republic on behalf of EU:

"The European Union notes the progress on
economic and social rights made by China over the
years, lifting hundreds of millions out of
poverty. However, we remain concerned about
measures taken against those who wish to express
their views peacefully, such as human rights
defenders and the signatories of the recent
Charter 2008. We reiterate that all those who
wish to express their views peacefully should be
allowed to do so, without fear of reprisal, including in Tibet."

USA: "In China, the government has increased
detention of dissidents, petitioners, human
rights defenders, religious freedom advocates and defence lawyers."

Amnesty International: Mr. President, -- "This
Council has heard about, but not discussed
sufficiently, the dire human rights situation in
Tibet. Amnesty International continues to call
for access for UN human rights experts and other
independent observers to investigate the human
rights situation in the Tibetan Autonomous Region
and in Tibetan populated areas in neighbouring provinces."

International Commission of Jurist: Mr.
President, -- "Violent crackdown on peaceful
protest in Tibet including arbitrary arrests and
torture has continued since last March. As the
Chinese government didn't inform the Council on
its investigation into the crackdown. The ICJ
urges High Commissioner to seek a visit to Tibet to assess the situation."

Asian Indigenous And Tribal Peoples Network
(AITPN): statement delivered by Tashi Choephel

"We wish to draw the Council’s attention to the
growing number of Urgent Appeals transmitted to
China by Special Procedure mandate-holders,
including by the Special Rapporteur on Torture
following the “people’s war” military crackdown
against the predominantly 150 peaceful
demonstrations on the Tibetan Plateau which started on this day last year.

We regret that many responses from the government
of China are not available due to lack of
translation and note with disappointment that in
the information provided by China, the entire
Tibetan Uprising last year is being portrayed as
the “March 14th smashing, looting, beating and
burning incidents," without a shred of evidence
that the Dalai Lama "instigated" the demonstrations.

Mr. President, today as Tibetans commemorate the
50th Anniversary of the Tibetan National Uprising
Day of 1959, independent reports have analysed
that the fate of more than one thousand Tibetans
arrested last year remain unknown, including from
the cases on which the Special Rapporteur on
Torture intervened. In this period of the
continuing crackdowns, a tense and uncertain
atmosphere now prevails on the Tibetan Plateau
with a huge military build-up. Reports emerge
that 109 monks from Lutsang monastery in Qinghai
province were “moved” yesterday to an undisclosed
location after the Chinese authorities found them
responsible for organizing a candle-light protest
march which reached the Mangra county building on
25th February, the first day of the Tibetan New Year.

With enforced disappearances being a major abuse
confronting by the Tibetan people, we wish to
know about the interventions the Working Group on
Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances has
initiated with China. Furthermore, we are hopeful
that the Working Group will continue to pursue
the outstanding case of the enforced
disappearance of Gedhung Choekyi Nyima, the
Eleventh Panchen Lama, who will turn 20 next month."

China's right of reply:

Chinese delegation fully rejects accusations of
Czech and the Amnesty International. These
allegations are based on ignorance and prejudice
and groundless. In china, there are lots of
people who are working for the welfare of the
people and lots of organisation of this type.
their right holding activities are protected and
supported by the Chinese government. In front of
the law everyone is equal. for those of
individuals of whatever profession or belief. If
they void the law they are punish in China. No
foreign government and organisation should not
make any irresponsible remarks on this issue.
Talking about Tibet, the so called issue of Tibet
is not at all an issue of ethnicity, religion,
culture let alone human rights issue. It's an
issue of fight against separatism. It's an issue
of maintaining territorial integrity and sovereignty

50 years ago, Tibet had democratic reform
abolished the feudal theocratic serfdom. That's
important milestone of world campaign for
abolishing slavery and also an important progress
of international human rights cause.

A year ago, there was incident of March 14 that
was the serious criminal event of looting
criminal activities. Burning, looting, smashing
etc. Any responsible government will not stay
there idly. According to the law, the small
number of violators of the law were punished. Mr
President, the Council has always been advocating
abandonment of double standard and politicisation
requiring promotion and protection of human
rights through dialogue and cooperation. the
remarks of the US delegate and others are
obviously running contrary to this. We hope they
confined their way back to the right way as early
as possible and have bit more self- remorse and
self-criticism of themselves unless of
predominant feeling of themselves. They should
adopt a responsible attitude to treat themselves
and treat other country. Thank you Mr. President.

Please take note that I am not sending email with attachment.

Best wishes,
Sincerely yours,

Tenzin Samphel KAYTA
Human Rights and Press/Information Officer
The Tibet Bureau
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