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Tibetans Stage Peaceful Protests in Eastern Tibet: several arrests

March 19, 2009

Secret Tibet blog
March 17, 2009

Tashi Dhondup, 27 years old, from Mangra county, eastern Tibet.
Photo: TPI Dharamshala: TibetPost-16-March2009-News sources inside of
Eastern Tibet, Karze Country, in Karze Tibet Autonomous prefecture,
Sichuan Province, report that on 5 March 4 Tibetans, including a nun,
monk and two ordinary citizens were arrested for holding peaceful
demonstrations.  In the days leading up to the sensitive 50th
anniversary, and the one year anniversary of the demonstrations last
March, Tibet has been tightly controlled by Chinese military forces,
especially in Karze. Lithang, Mangra, Ngaba, Tibetan capital
Lhasa.  Despite the oppressive military presence, Tibetan monks,
nuns, and lay people are still peacefully speaking out for the Tibetan issue.

Protests against the Chinese authorities were also witnessed in
Lithang County on 10 March, as the region was locked down under heavy
military presence estimated to be more than 20,000. An unidentified
Tibetan monk shouted slogans at around 11 a.m. (local time). When
armed security forces tried to apprehend him, commotion ensued as a
group of people took on security personnel to rescue the monk. The
fate of the monk still remains unknown, but after in the same, a
monk, Lobsang Wangchuk, 29 years old arrested when he was protesting in street.

Chinese forces have enacted undeclared martial law in Tibet, under
harsh suppression on 13 March 2009, four Tibetans, a monk, nun and
two lay people were arrested for participating in peaceful
demonstrations in Karze County in Karze Tibet Autonomous Prefecture,
Sichuan Province.

Jinpa Gyatso, 25 years old from Mangra, Ngaba county, eastern Tibet.
Photo: TPI 13 March, a Tibetan nun, Pema Yangtso from Shiluda village
in Sengo town in Karze, staged peaceful protest. Local officials from
Public Security Bureau took her into custody. Later in the afternoon,
three other Tibetans enacted a similar peaceful
demonstration.  Rinchen Phuntsok, aged 15, Tsering Dakpa, aged 16 and
a monk named Choenyi Gyatso aged 18, were all detained and in
custody. Since 13 March, more than 70 security personnel laid siege
to the above towns and monasteries. A large number of army in
plainclothes have been deployed.

News of protests on 26 Febuary, in Nyima town in Nagchu County, has
also newly been released.  Monks from Drong Ngua and Tana monasteries
are suspected of writing "Tibet's Independence" in blue letters
across the wall of a county government building.  Monks are being
rounded up to check if their handwriting matches that of the graffiti.

Reports from Tibetan areas in Qinghai Province indicate the strength
of the repression due to the extra armed security forces in Mangra
prefecture, and in townships of Tharshul, Sumdo, Mangra and Gomang,
on 12 March. Heightened repression has been imposed in Lutsang and
Kagya monasteries by sending more troops. Chinese authorities
arrested a local Tibetan official, Mr. Tashi Dhondup, 27 years old in
Mangra district on 12 March, his brother, a Tibetan student, Jinpa
Gyatso, 25 years old also missing.

Chinese riot police march through the city of Dhartsedho, eastern
Tibet located around 400 kilometres (250 miles) west of Chengdu in
Sichuan Province March 17, 2008. Reuters10 March, written slogans of
"Tibet's Independence" and "Return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to
Tibet" were reportedly distributed in and around Sumdo monastery in
Dzoge in Ngapa Tibet Autonomous Prefecture.   Chinese police are
interrogating monks from the monastery.

There are also reports of heavy paramilitary presence in Taktsang
Lhamo Kirti monastery, were monks are under lock down and no visitors
are allowed onto the monastery grounds.

Three monks from Gomang monastery in Ngapa have also been arrested
for protesting. At Se monastery, unknown numbers of monks have been detained.

More than 220 Tibetans have been killed and 1,294 injured in the
Chinese government's deadly and ruthless crackdown on Tibetan
protesters across Tibet since 10 March last year. More than 5,600
people are still under arrest or detention and more than 1,000 are
reportedly missing.

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