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Tibet Film Festival 2009 in London

March 20, 2009

Rich Mix (UK)
March 19, 2009

Images and Reflections on Tibet
Wed 18, Thurs 19 and Sat 28 March; Sat 4 and Sun 4 April
All films £7, £5.50 concs

The Tibet Film Festival 2009 opens in London in
early March and will then tour eleven other
cities across the UK between March and May. The
festival is jointly presented by Through an Exile
Lens Project and Tibet House Trust.

The festival largely focuses on new films and
will feature documentaries filmed undercover in
Tibet, material to emerge from both in and
outside Tibet in response to the widespread
protests which swept across the Tibetan Plateau
in 2008, and films that shed light on the little
understood system of reincarnation in Tibetan
Buddhist tradition as well as films exploring
Tibet in relation to its neighbours, particularly
India and Nepal. The festival will also include
short films made by young exiled Tibetan
filmmakers, including schoolchildren which tackle
issues of culture and identity associated with
life in exile and more universal subjects viewed through a Tibetan perspective.

Screenings at Rich Mix

Unmistaken Child
Wed 18 March | 7.00pm
Dir: Nati Baratz | Israel | 2008 | 102mins
English/Tibetan/Hindi/Nepali with English subtitles

Recently screened at the Berlin Film Festival,
this visually stunning and emotionally gripping
documentary chronicles the search by Tenzin Zopa,
a devoted disciple, for the reincarnation of his
revered Tibetan Buddhist religious master, Lama
Konchog, who spent 26 years in meditation in
mountain hermitages and passed away in 2001 at the age of 84.

Official Selection - Berlinale 2009
Official Selection - Toronto Film Festival 2008
What Remains of Us
Thurs 19 March | 7.30pm
Dir: François Prévost/Hugh Latulippe | Canada | 2004 | 77mins
English/Tibetan with English subtitles

Kalsang Dolma, a Tibetan-Canadian born in exile,
travels to Tibet with a video recorded message of
hope from His Holiness Dalai Lama to the people
of Tibet and records the reactions of Tibetans on hearing his message.

Winner - Audience Award, Atlantic Film Festival 2004
Winner - Hollywood Discovery Award, Hollywood Film Festival 2004
Winner - Most Popular Canadian Film, Vancouver
International Film Festival 2004          
Undercover in Tibet + Q & A
Sat 28 March | 4.00pm
Dir: Jezza Neumann | UK | 2008 | 51mins
English/Tibetan with English subtitles

Risking imprisonment and deportation, young
exiled Tibetan Tash Despa returns to the homeland
he risked his life to escape 12 years ago,
revealing the hidden realities of life in Tibet under Chinese occupation.

Nominated for Impact Award - Rory Peck Awards 2008
Tintin in Tibet
Sat 4 and Sun 5 April - 11.00am
Dir: Stéphane Bernasconi | France | 1991/1992 | 60mins

Tintin, and his dog Snowy, along with Captain
Haddock set out on a rescue mission in the
Himalayas in Tibet to save his Chinese friend,
Chang Chong-Chen. Tintin has a vivid dream in
which Chang survived a plane crash in Tibet. When
he learns the next day that Chang was in fact on
a plane that crashed there, they set off in
search of Tintin’s missing friend. For many who
read Hergé’s original book, first published in
1960, this was a first introduction to Tibet’s majestic Himalayan landscape.

Showing with

What Courage Means to Me
Sat 4 April
Tibetan Children’s Villages | India | 2008 | 4mins
How courage has played a role in the story of a
young Tibetan who recently escaped into exile.

Sun 5 April
Tibetan Children’s Villages | India | 2007 | 5mins
A look at environmental issues affecting the Dharamsala community in India.

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