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Claimed discovery of explosives in Lhasa dubious

March 23, 2009

Tibetan Review
March 20, 2009

The paramilitary People’s Armed Police in the
Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) have claimed to
have destroyed a case filled with explosives they
found at the Lhasa railway station "one day in
early spring" this year and broken up a group
behind an attempted attack. However, Reuters Mar
18 cited a spokesman for the TAR government as
having denied the report, which lacked specificity.

The report cited the People's Armed Police News
as saying Mar 18 that the paramilitary police
came across an abandoned pink suitcase while
patrolling Lhasa's railway station. Finding it
"packed with TNT explosives", it was dismantled
by using a robot and “the explosives were
successfully destroyed in just 14 minutes,
avoiding a bloody incident," the report was quoted as saying.

The report did not specify the size of the
explosive packed case or the date of the
incident, which would be between February and
March. Also, no further details were provided
about the claimed break-up of a group linked to
the case. The report was only stated to say, "The
public security forces followed the clues and
joined hands with the People's Armed Police to
strike down an illegal organization threatening Tibet's security."
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