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Family of monk who commited suicide offered monetary compensation

March 29, 2009

Kalsang Rinchen
March 26, 2009

Dharamsala, March 26 -- In a move that places the
Chinese government in an embarrassing position,
the family of Tashi Sangpo, a monk who jumped
into Machu river killing himself after he was
accused of possessing anti government leaflets
and the banned Tibetan national flag, was offered
monetary compensation of two hundred thousand
Chinese Yuan, a prominent Tibetan Lama living in
a Tibetan monastery in south India told the Voice of Tibet radio service today.

China earlier denied that the monk had died of
suicide saying that the monk fled the scene after
swimming out of the river. The Chinese official
news agency Xinhua cited a Tibetan woman who it said had seen the monk flee.

Shingsa Rinpoche, an exiled head Lama of Ragya
monastery to which Tashi Sangpo belonged, told
the VOT that it is clear the Chinese authorities
have now accepted the fact the his follower Tashi
sangpo had died despite various reports appearing
in Chinese media that Tashi swam out of the river.

The woman who had reportedly seen the monk flee
is now in police custody, according to Shingsa
Rinpoche who said he got his information from his contacts in Ragya.

Chinese authorities, who earlier denied that
Tashi had committed suicide, now are compelled to
accept his death after his robe was found on the
riverbank, Shingsa Rinpoche added.

Shingsa Rinpoche further said nine monks were
earlier arrested in the protest demonstration
that erupted after Tashi’s suicide, adding that
seven of them have been identified so far. Palden
Gyatso, Mengak, Sherab, Tsuiltrim, Jamyang
Khedup, , Soepa, and Gyaltsen are currently in
custody with two yet to be identified.

Tashi Sangpo was an orphan and is survived by his
84 year old grandmother and 5 siblings

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