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Who are the real separatists?

March 30, 2009

by Kunga Tsayang
Tibet Writes
March 26, 2009

Kunga Tsayang (pen name: Gangnyi) is a respected
writer, intellectual and artist of the new
Tibetan generation. He was arrested by the
Chinese authorities on 17 March 2009, from
Labrang Monastery on alleged charges for writing
political essays on Tibet to a website named as
"Jottings" (Tib: Zin-dris), in Gansu Province.

Information dissemination is the most important
tool in carrying out any kind of action or
campaign. However, if one’s ways of spreading
information crosses the standard norms then that
campaign is bound to become a meaningless stammer of a drunken man.

This year the peaceful Tibetan protesters were
infiltrated and were misled to a wrong path. The
China Television, Lhasa TV and others, while
ignoring the truth, have excessively branded all
Tibetans as separatists. This has caused an
incurable communal injury between the Chinese
brothers and sisters, and Tibetans leading to
Chinese disliking the Tibetans and Tibetans
holding animosity towards the Chinese. I, as a
person, am forced to accept the fact that this
was the biggest factor caused split among the nationalities.

Tibetans are driven to a desperate position
because of them being accused of doing things,
which they never did, and small incidents were
exaggerated and paraded before the world. Even
Tibetans who worked for the party for over two to
three decades were accused and the Chinese news
media, the experts that they are in fabricating
lies, went to schools and universities where
there are only a handful of Tibetan students to
accuse them and to witch hunt them. Such
excessive misinformation and wrongful acts have
caused a huge chasm and disturbance in the minds
of Tibetan officials and students who have
absolute love for Chinese brothers and sisters
and liking for the Communist Party of China. This
has left a feeling of ‘racial hatred’ in their
minds. This is the negative consequence of their incompetent reporting.

Under these circumstances our freedom of
movements are restricted by roadblocks,
checkpoints and ever-present military personals
with guns pointed at us. I must strongly assert
that confiscating the photographs of our beloved
leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama, by burning
them, and stamping them under the soldiers’ boots
are the real causes of splitting the people.
Detention of Tibetans for possessing His Holiness
the Dalai Lama’s photographs, disparaging them
for putting His Holiness’ pictures on their
altars are the real causes of split amongst the
nationalities. Unless you [the Chinese
Government] are able to break our love and
respect in our hearts, all your fruitless
campaigns and activities will only strengthen our
unity and love for one Tibetan brother to another.

I have always believed that soldiers are heroes
protecting national security, building harmony
amongst people and helping economic developments.
However, this year all these proved wrong because
of their biased actions, killing of innocent
people, their plundering and ransacking of
properties and shops, their expertise in
suppressing dissents and their lawless marauding
style. I state this based on facts and the actual
events as it happened in Ngapa regions of Amdo
and Kanlho regions [in Eastern Tibet.] If these
things happened because of a few military
officers and officials in local administration,
then I can strongly say that you are the real
agents splitting the nationalities.

Moreover, people at the local Public Security
Bureaus, military and regional Communist Party
cadres piled a large amount of fabricated,
negative information and petitions in front of
the Central Government in order to obtain huge
sums of money to fund their so-called victories
against protests and to continue their
suppressive actions. How are these actions not
meant to split the nationalities? A series of
large-scale policy mistakes were made because the
local level cadres were busy trying to please
their bosses in the higher levels.

Why is the Communist Party of China silent like a
man with one eye closed and ears gone deaf in
face of such unlimited actions carried out to
harm the unity of the nation and stability of the
country? Lamas may make mistakes, leaders may
make mistakes and the government too can make
mistakes. But the time has come for those people
responsible for causing harms and disunity be
paraded before the public and be made answerable
for their mistakes. If this can be done, we will
still have some faith in improving our
relationship with other nationalities and to build a harmonious society.

An image is built in the minds of both the
Chinese people and Tibetan brothers and sisters
of the other side as someone who is to be scared
of and to have hatred towards each other. We ask:
Why must they beat and torture our brothers and
sisters this way? And by lying and fabricating
wrong views, we have come to a state where even a
Tibetan truck driver is scorned. The general
impression being created is that of Tibetans as
people who are not even worth to look at.

When we talk in more general terms, Tibetan and
Chinese people have a long tradition of helping
each other and have deep mutual respect and
admiration. However, the portrayal of Tibetans in
Chinese official media this year has left an
image of Tibetans as enemies. Has this become a
factor that would improve harmony or has it
become a cause for its destruction? This is an
issue that the leaders must think about; this is
an issue that is worth thinking about because the
harmony of the nation will be build on this
foundation by taking positives actions on it.
This is something that is never too late to pursue.

Translated from Tibetan by Bhuchung D. Sonam

P.S. Kunga Tsayang, born in Golok Chikdril,
educated in Labrang and Beijing, he attempted to
set up a new school in Yakra Monastery but the
project remains incomplete. He traveled widely in
Tibet and photographed the environmental
degradation taking place on the plateau and its
impact on the people. He also worked at Nyenpo
Yutsae Kyekham environmental protection group.
His photography is widely appreciated in Tibet
and he is the author of several brave and
compelling essays on Tibet including, "Who Is the
Real Splittist?" "Who Is the Real Disturber of
Stability?" and "Who Is The Real Instigator of Protests?"

His website here:
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