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Tibetans in Italy protest "Serf Emancipation Day"

March 30, 2009

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March 29, 2009

Rome, Italy, March 29 -- Tibetans in Italy held a
protest demonstration yesterday against China's
celebration of the day that it calls "serf
emancipation day" at the Chinese embassy here and Chinese consulate in Milan.

Hundred of Tibetans and supporters gathered to
express their disappointment at the "provocative"
festival and "distortion" of Tibet's history.
They held placards, banners and shouted anti China slogans.

The president of the Tibetan community in Italy,
Thupten, strongly condemned China's lies saying
that the day is no more than a propaganda
exercise for the Chinese government. He said that
the "serf emancipation day" is provocative
especially since Tibet is currently reeling under
intense repression. “This day is created to cover
up its repressive policy of crackdown on the Tibetans in Tibet.”

"Any kind of invasion cannot be justified by
branding it as liberation. China claims it
liberated the Tibetans but I think liberation can
not be force or using military troops," Thupten said.

Few Tibetans with Italian supporters wrote
"Tibetan Martyrs of Lhasa 2009" on the board
showing street name where the Chinese embassy is situated.

The protest was organised jointly by the Tibetan
community in Italy, Regional Tibetan Women's
Association. Italy - Tibet association, Italian
radical party, students for free Tibet Italy and AREF also joined the protest.
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