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Tibetan Exiles To Boost Security to Thwart Chinese Hackers

March 31, 2009

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March 30, 2009

DHARAMSHALA, India (AFP) -- Tibet's exiled
government said Monday it was trying to boost
computer security systems after a report
concluded they were being targeted by a China-based espionage network.

Canadian researchers found that the network,
known as GhostNet, had infiltrated government and
private computers around the world, with Tibetan
exiles based in the Indian hill town of
Dharamshala - including the Dalai Lama - one of its prime targets.

"We had have computers hit by viruses and
information going missing," said Thubten Samphel,
spokesman for the Tibetan government in exile.

"How this knowledge is used is of great concern,
so we are trying to improve the security of our
system, but we have limited resources.

"We are transparent in our work and it is not
ethical behaviour to retrieve this data."

The report, by the Information Warfare Monitor
group, was commissioned by staff working for
Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama after
they became alarmed by possible breaches of security.

The 10-month investigation by specialists at the
University of Toronto found the spying was being
done from computers based almost exclusively in China.

But researchers said there was no conclusive
evidence that the Chinese government was involved.

The Tibetan exile community gave researchers
access to their computers in London, Brussels and
New York, as well as in Dharamshala.

"The Tibetan computer systems we manually
investigated...were conclusively compromised by
multiple infections that gave attackers
unprecedented access to potentially sensitive information," the report said.

In London, Chinese embassy spokesman Liu Weimin
suggested the investigation was part of a Tibetan
media and propaganda campaign.
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