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"As long as human rights are violated, there can be no foundation for peace. How can peace grow where speaking the truth is itself a crime?"

TCHRD PRESS RELEASE: A Tibetan monk beaten to death by Chinese Security Police

March 31, 2009

March 30, 2009

A Tibetan monk beaten to death by Chinese Security Police

The Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy
(TCHRD) learnt that a Tibetan monk was beaten to
death in Drango County, Kardze "Tibetan
Autonomous Prefecture" ("TAP"), Sichuan Province.

According to a reliable information received by
the TCHRD, a monk Phuntsok, age, 27 of Drango
Monastery, hailed from Zongpa Village, Drango
County, Kardze "TAP" was beaten to death by the
Chinese Public Security Bureau (PSB) personnel in a ghastly manner.

The source told TCHRD that, on 25 March 2009,
Phuntsok pasted leaflets (seven pages) on the
walls of a branch office of Drango PSB
headquarter, on Shara Thang-do Bridge and on
eucalyptus trees of roads and highways in Drango County.

Phuntsok's leaflets campaign was connected with
the last years' unprecedented unrest in Tibet,
particularly in Drango County when hundreds of
Drango monks who took part in a peaceful
demonstration against the Chinese government on
25 March 2008. The protest was subsequently
quelled down with force, resulted in arrests,
torture and detention of hundreds of monks by the
Chinese authorities. Phuntsok's defiant protest
was not a coincidence but deliberately timed to
remember, mourn, express solidarity with those
Drango monks tortured, ill-treated and imprisoned
during the peaceful demonstration.

Similarly, the Chinese authorities too paid
significance to the yearly anniversary of the
demonstration in Drango Monastery and had in
recent past mobilized and reinforced the streets
with paramilitary troops and security forces to
deal with any sign of protest and dissidence should they take place.

In commemorating the arrests, torture and
detentions of Drango monks, Phuntsok called on
the local Tibetans in Drango County to forego
crop cultivation and harvest as a solemn gesture
of mourning for monks who were tortured, detained
and imprisoned by the Chinese authorities. As a
form of civil disobedience and non-cooperation
movement, the message of his leaflets read:

"Let it be, if we die of hunger and starvation,
but for those of our brothers and sisters who
were tortured, injured, detained and killed in
the last year's peaceful demonstration, we must
forego planting crops in fields as a gesture of
respect, mourning and to express our solidarity
with them. Those who had already planted crops in
the fields must not tend and reap the harvest.
This is a request for all of you. If anyone who
still goes on to plant crops in fields and
harvest them, I will come with a black scarf to greet them."

However while pasting leaflets on the walls of an
automobile service centre in Drango County, he
was detected by Drango PSB personnel who came
straight to arrest him. Sensing that PSB
personnel were coming to arrest him, he fled on a
motorbike behind Baatak Nunnery, situated at a
base of a hill. Immediately Drango PSB forces
pursued him for a while till at a waist of a
hill, where his motorbike couldn't climb any
further. He was arrested and severely beaten on
the spot with batons. He died shortly after
receiving inhuman beatings from the Chinese PSB personnel.

In an attempt to conceal the circumstance of his
death, the PSB personnel dropped his corpse to a
base of hill to conjure up a suicide scene. A day
later local Tibetans learnt about his death and
body lying at the bottom of a hill. The local
Tibetans then cremated the body after three days.
Right to the end, the Chinese authorities
adamantly maintained that Phuntsok died after
committing suicide while the local Tibetans were not convinced.

Sources told TCHRD that there were bruises and
cuts on his body which clearly indicated that he
was beaten to death by the Chinese security police on 25 March 2009.

Meanwhile on 27 March 2009, the People's Armed
Police (PAP) arrested 11 Tibetans from Da-do
Village for defying the Chinese authorities order to till their farm lands.

In what has been seen as desperate move by the
Chinese authorities to reign in the protesting
farmers, on 26 and 27 March 2009, a contingent of
Chinese security forces came to Drango Township,
carrying sacks full of fertilizers to extort the
locals to plant and till their farmlands.

The 11 arrested Tibetans were surrounded by PAP
forces and were taken on a parade in the village.
They were last seen in a hospital, surrounded by
the PAP forces. At the moment, there is no
information about their current whereabouts.

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