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Sichuan-Tibet railway to start construction in September

September 2, 2009

China Daily (P.R. of China)
September 1, 2009

Construction of the Sichuan-Tibet railway will
begin this month,, a Sichuan-based
news portal reported Tuesday, with details on the
railway's scale, direction and number of stops
recently released by the China Railway No 2
Bureau in Chengdu, capital of Southwest China's Sichuan Province.

Sichuan-Tibet railway to start construction in Sept

the map of under construction Sichuan-Tibet railway []

The train will have a designed speed of 200
kilometers per hour, taking about eight hours to
travel the 1,629 kilometers-long rail line
between Chengdu and Lhasa, capital of Tibet Autonomous Region.

There are currently two ways to get from Chengdu
to Lhasa--driving the No 318 national highway
which takes three days and rail travel from
Chengdu, Shaanxi and Qinghai to Lhasa, which takes about 45 hours.

The railway's construction will have to overcome
quite a few complicated geographic conditions,
such as frozen earth, landslides, cold weather
and lack of oxygen due to high-altitude in some parts, and rock slides.

The railway was delayed once before due to
construction difficulties and lack of investment.

However, an unnamed person in charge of the
project said those factors aren't an issue this
time around. "We don't have such problems now in
terms of construction technology and investment."

China's existing railway to the Tibet Autonomous
Region is the Qinghai-Tibet railway which runs
1,956 km across the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau from
Xining, capital of neighboring Qinghai province,
to Lhasa. It went into operation on July 1, 2006.
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