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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."

EU Condemns Execution of Tibetans, Urges China to Commute Death Sentences

November 4, 2009

Central Tibetan Administration (CTA)
October 30, 2009

Dharamshala -- The Chinese government on Thursday
drew condemnation from the European Union over
its arbitrary execution of Tibetans allegedly
involved in the 2008 Tibet protests.

"The European Union condemns the recent
executions of two Tibetans, Mr Lobsang Gyaltsen
and Mr Loyak," the Swedish EU Presidency said in
a declaration on behalf of the 27-bloc nation.

"On the basis of its principled opposition to the
death penalty, the EU, on 8 May 2009, called for
a commutation of the death sentences handed down
by Lhasa Intermediate People’s Court to several
Tibetans, among them Mr Lobsang Gyaltsen and Mr
Loyak, following the Lhasa riots in March 2008."

"The EU respects China’s right to bring those
responsible for the violence to justice but
reaffirms its longstanding opposition to the use
of the death penalty under all circumstances. The
EU also recalls that in case the death penalty is
maintained, internationally recognised minimum
standards must be respected. These include all
possible safeguards to ensure a fair trial and
adequate representation. The EU reiterates its
concerns about the conditions under which the
trials were conducted, especially with regard to
whether due process and other safeguards for a fair trial were respected."

"The EU calls on China to commute all sentences
of death imposed on persons for their alleged
involvement in the Lhasa riots in March 2008."

"The EU continues to call on the Chinese
authorities to abolish the death penalty
completely and, as a first step, to establish a
moratorium as urged by the United Nations General
Assembly in its resolutions 62/149 and 63/168."

"The Candidate Countries Turkey, Croatia and the
former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, the
Countries of the Stabilisation and Association
Process and potential candidates Albania, Bosnia
and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and the EFTA
countries Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway,
members of the European Economic Area, as well as
the Republic of Moldova align themselves with
this declaration," the statement noted.

Penkyi, aged 21, born in Sakya County and a
fourth person whose identity is not known, were
also executed in Lhasa on 20 October.
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