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"As long as human rights are violated, there can be no foundation for peace. How can peace grow where speaking the truth is itself a crime?"

"We can bring smiles all around us" encourages His Holiness

November 5, 2009

November 2, 2009

"I think we can do it. We can bring smiles all
around us" said His Holiness the Dalai Lama to
over 3,000 people in Tokyo, today.

The exiled Tibetan leader was speaking at a
public dialogue with leading Japanese scientists
themed, ‘The Future of Earth: A Dialogue between
Buddhist Ethics and Modern Science.” The
dialogue, first of its kind to be held in Japan
was organised jointly by the Liaison office of
His Holiness the Dalai Lama (Tibet House Japan),
Shikoku Buddhist Association
(Ehime?Kagawa?Kochi?Tokushima) and Okinawa Mahabodhi Association.

His Holiness conveyed his ‘happiness’ at the
opportunity to share his views with experts from Japan.

"In 2007, when I was here, I expressed my
keenness on holding discussions with scientists
and experts from the east, as traditionally,
Buddhism has been more prevalent in these areas,” said the Tibetan leader.

The panelists included renowned anthropologist
Prof. Shinichi Takemura, Prof. Katsumi Hoshino,
Prof. Hiroshi Tasaka of Tama University, Tokyo and Prof. Hiroshi Shimizu.

Expressing his views on the common
responsibilities of the human kind in protecting
the environment, His Holiness said that the issue
of environment is beyond all national boundaries.

"We have just one blue planet and it is the
responsibility of all human beings to protect it.
Human beings have been the most mischievous
species so it is our duty to learn from our past
mistakes and experiences,” said the Tibetan
leader. “Technology has given us the false
confidence that we can control everything. Yes,
we can control the temperature of this hall but
we cannot control the temperature of the world,” His Holiness added.

Deliberating on the world’s swelling need for
energy and natural resources, Prof. Katsumi
Hoshino mooted the ideas of ‘Buddhist Economy’
and ‘Small is beautiful’ to control desire and greed.

Responding to a query from Prof. Hiroshi Shimizu
on ‘how to live and not just stay alive’ His
Holiness said that he was hopeful of a more
compassionate human society in the future,
considering the lessons that the world today is
learning from our violent history which ‘failed to solve our problems’.

The Nobel Peace Laureate called the ‘growing
importance that science is paying to inner
development’ as encouraging signs of achieving a
future of peaceful co-existence.

Acknowledging Prof. Hiroshi Tasaka’s suggestion
of incorporating the new technologies of modern
science with religion, the exiled Tibetan leader
explained that Buddhism followed the basic tenets
of science of ‘thorough investigation and careful
examination before reaching any conclusion’.

His Holiness specifically mentioned that his
dialogues with scientists were on the level of
Buddhist sciences and not on the levels of
Buddhist philosophy and religion. “Dialogues with
scientists are not aimed at seeking their
approval of the Buddhist belief of re-incarnation
but to share our knowledge on vast subjects such
as quantum physics, neuro biology and psychology,” said His Holiness.

Urging the younger generation to clearly
understand the difficulties and challenges of the
modern world without losing hope, His Holiness
said, “Wake up younger generation. Think for a more meaningful life.”

During the question answer session, a Japanese
introducing himself as a business man recently
promoted to a higher managerial post in his
company thanked His Holiness for relieving him
from anxiety, depression and stress. “I have
learned that I need to be patient and improve my
inner strength. Now, I look forward to tomorrow.
Thank you, your Holiness, you have encouraged me,” he said.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama is scheduled to visit
the city of Takamatsu, capital of Shikoku prefecture, tomorrow.
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