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"As long as human rights are violated, there can be no foundation for peace. How can peace grow where speaking the truth is itself a crime?"

Tibetans and Tamils join hands against Hindu

November 5, 2009

November 2, 2009

Chennai, November 2 -- Tamilians and Tibetans
here have joined hands yesterday against a
leading English daily which "continues to charge
both the communities as ‘separatists’." N.Ram’s
The Hindu media brigade has completely ignored
the genocide and suffering the two communities
are undergoing" said Thirumurugan, key organiser
of the Tamil-Tibetan gathering. N Ram is known
for his strong leaning towards leftist ideologies
and infamous articles supporting China's "claims and lies".

A young consultant for an advertising agency,
Thiruja gathered a huge number of Tamilians and
Tibetans to protest what he calls "the continued
barrage of biased and prejudiced reports by The
Hindu. Noted Tibetan poet and activist Tenzin
Tsundue who is known for surprise protest antics
during Chinese leaders' visits was present to
voice his protest against the daily.

"This is a unique gathering here" said Tsundue,
who spoke in a spattering Tamil and then later
spoke in English. "When our Tibetan students
marched to The Hindu office, our youth were
alone, today the Tamils have realised how
manipulative and maligned the reports made by N
Ram are." The Tibetan writer said, "The Hindu
politics is only a symptom. The larger issue is
the coming of Chinese influence in the Indian
space, and the creation of the Chinese hegemonic
cordon around the Indian subcontinent like the
growing Chinese influence in Burma, Nepal,
Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and of course Pakistan.”
Tsundue further said the cause of Tibetan
independence is directly related to India’s
security in the face growing Chinese influence in
the world and threat on India.

Former navy commandant Mr Subramanium said:
"China is a failed 'union' of occupied countries
and contradictions. There is no future China as a
country. The state is already rotting and it will soon come crumbling down."

The gathering passed a resolution declaring the
newspaper anti-Tamil, anti-India and
anti-freedom" since The Hindu is biased and
prejudiced towards freedom struggles.

The Tibetan college students put up a photo
exhibition on the suffering of Tibetans under
Chinese control. Mr. Hubert and Anto V,
supporters of Friends of Tibet, and Asha Reddy,
who is known as the local guardian for the
200-odd Tibetan students, were also present to
support the campaign against The Hindu.

Friends of Tibet has carried for a long time a
campaign called ‘Save The Hindu’. The Hindu, one
of the oldest national newspapers from the
prejudiced reports forced on its readers. The
Indian Tibet support group says that The Hindu
carries reports from Chinese news agency Xinhua
and the People’s Daily, but refuses to include
any Tibetan voice in their reports.
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