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China upset again with EU over Tibet

November 9, 2009

New Europe
November 8, 2009 - Issue: 859

China has day voiced its strong dissatisfaction
and firm opposition to an EU statement which
denounced the execution of two Tibetans convicted
of murder in last year’s Lhasa riot.

The Swedish EU presidency released a statement
denouncing the recent death penalty handed down
to two Tibetans involved in the Lhasa riot and
asking China to abolish the capital sentences,
and that set the Chinese off. “We are strongly
dissatisfied with and firmly oppose the EU
statement," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Ma
Zhaoxu said in a news release, according to the
Xinhua news agency.  The Lhasa violence involving
beating, smashing, looting and burning in 2008
was a sabotage activity “premeditated, organized
and masterminded” by the Dalai Lama group, who
instigated Tibetan separatists in and out of
China to fuel up the incident, Ma said.

China’s legal institutions have carried out fair
and open trials and brought only the culprits of
the criminal activities to justice, he said.
“This was China’s internal affair and judicial
sovereignty which allows no other country to
interfere with,” he said, a position China
routinely takes internally and in defending its
reluctance to engage countries around the world with whom it is dealing.
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