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"On my part, I remain committed to the process of dialogue. It is my firm belief that dialogue and a willingness to look with honesty and clarity at the reality of Tibet can lead us to a viable solution."

Prof. Goldsten`s biased presentation on Tibet - A report

November 11, 2009

Chungdak Koren
Norwegian Tibet Committee
November 9, 2009

0n 3 November the Network for University
Co-operation Tibet- Norway invited Melvyn
Goldstein to give lecture on Tibet. Goldstein’s
lecture title was "The Rapidly Changing World of
Farmers Nomads in Rural Tibet (TAR)" surprisingly
there was only about 30 persons attended his
lecture. Few of us Tibetans from Norway attended
his lecture beside the students from Tibet.

Goldstein presented his fieldwork from few
villages in Tibet (TAR) specifically place called PALA

He showed some pictures of Tibetan farmers and
nomads outside of Shegaste with very luxurious
house with motorcycle and mobil phone.

I did start asking my question in Tibetan he was
not so good in Tibetan but he might be good in
written Tibetan. Two of us Tibetan asked some
critical questions and he really showed his anger
by saying we were confusing the audience. When
ask his position on relocation of Nomads he did not know.

His views are same as those propagated by the
Chinese government. He has spent extensive time in Tibet.

I would strongly suggest that TSGs and Tibetans
should attend such lecture or talk to rectify the facts.

Following is short summing up of what he said:
and I have also short recording from the lecture.

Those of you who want the recording please let me
know, as we cannot send attachment on the TSG list.

- Life quality of Tibetan farmers and nomad has improved a lot since 1980s.
Chinas 5-year plan for Tibet has been successful
and have allocated 100 billon RMP for Tibet (TAR)

- PRC’s "People First" campaign and "Comfortable
Housing Program" in TAR reach the target group
directly, improving their living standards and housing facilities.
A huge increase in work opportunities for
construction work means "work for all."
Modernizing is taking place in Tibet and Tibetan
culture and religion is intact.

-Tibetans, including farmers interviewed in the
village, say they're happy to be in better
quarters than their primitive, ancestral homes of mud brick.

Goldstein said little about the situation outside
the three villages (in Shigatse area) he had been
allowed access, and presented his findings as
representative for the general situation in TAR.

Goldstein also said he had not been allowed to
research in any cities/townships

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