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Tharoor slams Chinese media for 'silly' remark

November 13, 2009

Economic Times (India)
November 11, 2009

NEW DELHI -- Criticising the Chinese media for
its jingoism, minister of state for external
affairs Shashi Tharoor called a Chinese media
report asserting India had forgotten the lessons
of 1962 as "silly". "India has come a long way
since 1962. Talks of India not learning a lesson
are silly," Mr Tharoor said in response to a
report in China's state-run newspaper Global
Times. The newspaper had carried a report quoting
a Chinese analyst slamming India for the Dalai
Lama's visit and warning India for forgetting the lesson of 1962.

"India may have forgotten the lesson of 1962,
when its repeated provocation resulted in
military clashes. India is on this wrong track
again... When the conflict gets sharper and
sharper, the Chinese government will have to face
it and solve it in a way India has designed," Hu
Shisheng, a researcher at the China Institutes of
Contemporary International Relations, had said.

Such views expressed in the Chinese media are
taken by China watchers as a reflection of the
thinking within sections of the ruling party. Mr
Tharoor also slammed the Chinese media for its
jingoism. "The media there is being irresponsible
in escalating tensions," he said, adding that
"history does not repeat itself that easily".

Even as Mr Tharoor slammed the Chinese media, the
Chinese government once again expressed its
dissatisfaction with India for allowing the Dalai
Lama to visit Tawang. Even though the Dalai Lama
is halfway through his visit, Beijing continued
to express its irritation with the ongoing visit.
New Delhi's explanation that there is no
political agenda to the Dalai Lama's visit has
not cut any ice with Beijing, which wanted India to stop the visit.

Foreign ministry spokesman Qin Gang said India
had ignored the Chinese requests to halt the
visit. "The Indian side disregarded the solemn
position of China in allowing the Dalai Lama to
visit the disputed area of the eastern section of
the China-India border region," Mr Qin told the media.
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