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Memorandum to the President Obama Barack

November 15, 2009

Tibet Supporters in Japan
November 11, 2009

His Excellency The President of United States Barack Obama

Tashi Delek! Welcome to Japan.

We the Japanese supporters of Tibet issue and the
Tibetans in Japan wholeheartedly welcome you to
Tokyo. We have a great respect for your
commitment to peace and justice throughout the
world. Since you took over the President-ship of
United States, the world has been looking forward
to a peaceful and harmonious world of freedom and justice.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama has been in Japan
recently, in some of his public talk, he said
America is a great democratic country, champion
of freedom, liberty and justice. On being asked
about your winning Nobel Peace Prize this year,
His Holiness supports the decision and said that
this is a great victory for peace and non-violent force.

As you are well aware, Tibet has been under the
brutal occupation of Chinese communist regime
since 1950. Tibetan people have greatly suffered
and are still suffering under the tyrannical
communist rule. Tibetan people have been denied
the legitimate right to regional autonomy and
identity as defined in Chinese constitution.

We earnestly appeal you to bring the issue of
Tibet with the Chinese leaders during your
forthcoming visit to China. As the leader of a
great nation, epitome of freedom, liberty and
justice, we request you to urge the Chinese
leaders to stop the brutal regime in Tibet and to
restore the legitimate right of the Tibetan
people to their cultural identity, freedom and justice.

Relationship with China is very important for
world peace and economy, but closing our eyes to
the injustices and human right violations for
trade and economy is not conducive and healthy
for U.S., China and the world in the long run.

We sincerely welcome you to Japan and look
forward to your leadership in bringing freedom, liberty and justice to all.

Kubo Takashi Tatsumura Yukari
President President
Tibet Supporters in Japan
Kalsang Dhondup Sonam Tsering
President General Secretary
Tibetan Community in Japan
11thNovember 2009
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