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"As long as human rights are violated, there can be no foundation for peace. How can peace grow where speaking the truth is itself a crime?"

A theatrical show sans denouement

November 22, 2009

Obama's maiden China trip deserves no standing ovation!
By Chime Tenzing
November 19, 2009

The President of the United States and the Nobel
Peace laureate Barack Obama has just
‘successfully’ concluded his maiden Presidential
tour to China, but without shaking Beijing out of its drunken stupor!

The world media is left with not much to cover
about his maiden China trip on Tibet and human
rights issues, that’s why the news is flooded
with ugly and repulsive headlines like ‘Outrage
in Washington over Obama's Japan bow’ which has
strangely drawn sharp criticism from a section of
American conservatives! President Barack Obama
bowing to Japan's emperor has incensed critics
here, who said the US leader should stand tall
when representing America overseas.

What Obama did on Tibet was, he went on to
endorse China’s sovereignty over Tibet and
skillfully managed to raise some human rights and
freedom of expression issues to quell the
prevailing anticipation of the Tibetans and its
supporters worldwide. His speeches made no
readable headlines because China was way ahead in
hogging the limelight to project its propagandist
views and anti-Dalai Lama statements. Therefore,
Obama proved nothing beyond a good listener to
the Chinese blatant affirmation that the Dalai
Lama is a “slave master, covert secessionist and general evil-doer”.

More than that, China had the cheek to draw an
unimaginative analogy between old Tibet’s serfdom
with the past America’s slavery history. By doing
so China intended to project itself in the same
frame as Lincoln who abolished slavery in the
United States. Despite such tongue-in-cheek
comparison with the man on whom American pride
rests, Obama remained mute like a cool Chinese dude!

The world had been witness to Obama’s rehearsal
feats before his maiden China visit. He had
somehow managed to skip a probable meeting with
the Dalai Lama when the spiritual guru was in the
States last month. He was visibly stuck in a
‘diplomatic dilemma’ at that time – Dalai Lama at
one side and China on the other. However, he
managed to create a win-win-situation for both the sides in the end.

Obama’s Presidential slogan "change we can"
inspired millions of youth around the globe,
including myself. But as a Tibetan, now I am
beginning to doubt in his character as a leader
of the mightiest nation on earth. My initial hope
for some ‘change’ and breakthroughs in
Tibet-China deadlock is beginning to waver. This
new leader hailed by the world until now, is
proving no different from the other Chinese
boot-licker leaders around the world. But, I am
not giving up my hope completely as of now.
Because there are still some more days and years
to come by to see the real Obama – who can make
the ‘change’, happen for Tibet and the world.

Meanwhile as he concludes his high-profile China
trip, we are left with an open-ended question:
Did Obama really talk Tibet with China? (as he
claimed). Whatever may be the truth, we demand no
answer for now because that would bring about an
end to the Obama story. We are ready to float
with the suspense for some more time to see a
happy denouement. Until then the show must go on!
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