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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."

The Chink in Obama's Armor

November 27, 2009

Why Obama administration would not wind China up so easily
by Chime Tenzing
November 26, 2009

When the American led war in Iraq first broke
out, the Bush Administration said it was aimed at
dismantling the non-existent WMD (Weapons of mass
destruction) and later the world media churned
out headlines after headlines reporting that the
war was an outcome of America’s quest and greed
for Iraq’s rich oil reserves and the old
Bush-Saddam enmity that dates back to Senior
Bush’s era .And, to authenticate and justify this
war the American’s propaganda machinery kept the
world obfuscated by their ambivalent pretexts and claims unto this day!

Other reasons for the invasion included Iraq's
financial support for the families of Palestinian
suicide bombers, Iraqi government human rights
abuses and an effort to spread democracy to the
country. The invasion of Iraq led to an
occupation and the eventual capture of President
Hussein, who was later executed by the new Iraqi government.

According to some sources, Bush decided to invade
Iraq in April 2001, six months before September
11th, and the official reason was to improve
Western access to Iraqi oil - "President Bush's
Cabinet agreed in April 2001 that Iraq remains a
destabilizing influence to the flow of oil to
international markets from the Middle East and
because this is an unacceptable risk to the US
'military intervention' is necessary."

Around the same time, within the Tibetan exile
world some of us (me and my friends) would
discuss on why Bush wouldn’t wage a similar war
against China. Some would say “Only if Tibet had
rich oil reserves like Iraq then only Bush would
wage a similar war against China”, implying that
unless there’s a national interest involved no
country would willingly risk antagonizing China
to make peace with the Dalai Lama and the Tibetans.

Now that the Iraq’s tragic climax is gradually
cooling off under the new administration, the
world is still subconsciously haunted by American
imperialism and their veiled-dadagiri*, which
they allegedly spread in the name of war against
terrorism and propagating democracy in the dictatorial world.

This leaves me believing why Obama would not
infuriate China so easily, especially in the wake
of the unprecedented America’s recession and
economic melt-down. The recent Obama’s China
visit put him on show as nothing more than ‘a
chip off the same old block’. Apart from a shift
of focus from Iraq to Afghanistan, there’s
nothing practically new in Obama’s foreign
policies. He is yet to pull his socks up and come
out in the guise of ‘the knight in the shining
armor’ for the world in general and for the
Tibetans in particular. Hence, there’s no
surprise if we do not get to see him breathing
out fire against the Communist China in the near foreseeable future.

In this context let me delve on one obvious
reason why Obama would not do anything that would
appear ‘inappropriate’ to his Communist
counterparts in Beijing. Or, to put it bluntly,
Obama would not do anything for Tibet as long as
China’s trading partnership remains indispensable
to their recession-struck economy. Despite the
prevailing global recession, China’s economy
stood firm making the world all the more
dependent on their trade partnership. Therefore,
for the moment China is the numero uno on the
global economy stage. So America of Barack Obama must also stoop for a while.

Apart from burning domestic and foreign policy
issues, it is pity that Obama Presidency was
greeted with the greatest challenge of global
recession that the world has experienced since
The Great Depression in the 30’s.This makes his
political maneuvers with China all the more
complicated vis-à-vis Tibet. This puts America in
an awkward situation in all its dealings with China.

According to a presentation made by Albert
Keidel, a Senior Associate at the Carnegie
Endowment for International Peace - "since its
market reforms began in 1978, China’s economy has
grown at close to 10 percent a year and has even
accelerated since year 2000. Internationally
accepted measures of China’s growth show it to be
even faster than officially reported. This growth
success is no flash in the pan. It will likely
continue at better than decade-doubling rates
until close to the middle of the century. The
implications of China’s continued rapid growth
include China’s overtaking the U.S. in overall GDP terms sometime around 2040

The point to drive home is, as long as China’s
economy keep growing Obama would not willingly
bite China’s butt to make them bury their bloody
hatchet with the Dalai Lama and the Tibetans. The
inevitability of rising Chinese economy is the
'chink in President Obama’s armor'.

* origin:Hindi - act of bossing around
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