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Hu Jintao attacks Dalai Lama for sabotaging stability in Tibet

January 25, 2010

Press Trust of India (PTI)
January 23, 2010

Beijing, Jan 24 (PTI) -- In a rare personal
attack on the Dalai Lama, Chinese President Hu
Jintao has accused him of engaging in "Tibet
independence" activities and "sabotaging" social
stability in the strategic Himalayan region.

Criticising the 74-year-old exiled Tibetan
spiritual leader, Hu, also general secretary of
the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC), said
the government would take substantial measures to
ensure "normal order" of Tibetan Buddhism in Tibet.

Hu acknowledged that Tibet faced a "special
contradiction" between people of all ethnic
groups and the separatist forces led by the Dalai clique.

"These contradictions had made leapfrog
development and lasting stability major themes of the work of Tibet," Hu said.
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