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Chinese Government mouthpiece Slips up in defacto admission to Ethnic cleansing in Tibet

April 6, 2010
April 01 2010

If you searched for the word "Tibet" today in Google news an interesting
item might have either come to your attention or passed you by, the item
from the Notorious Communist Mouthpiece "Peoples Daily Online" declared
"Tibet's Population reaches 2.9 million at end of 2009" see below for
original search result... Which is instructive on many fronts.

Tibet's actual population in 1949 was 6.5 Million and since then by way of
forced sterilization and ethnic cleansing, including the bombing and
murdering of 1.25 million people, the theft of 3/4 of Tibetans land mass
which has been subsumed into China the population has now reached 2.9
million ...!

So the peaceful Liberation of Tibet as the Communists like to put i has
reduced the population by 60%. So much for progress, with the same level of
progress we can hope to look forward to the population reaching 1 Million by
2050. Of course Han Chinese out number Tibetans by a margin of 2 to 1 in
Lhasa already so the 2.9 million is not even a count of Tibetans.
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