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Tibetan Middle School Students Continue Protests

April 11, 2010

By Rona Rui
Epoch Times Staff
Apr 9, 2010

A Tibetan middle school was locked down by Chinese communist authorities on
April 3 after students held a peaceful protest.

On April 3, teachers and students from the Machu County Tibetan Middle
School in Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in China demonstrated
peacefully inside the school. Chinese authorities reacted quickly and
dispatched a large number of armed police to the school.

One Tibetan source was quoted as saying that the entire school was lit up as
firecrackers went off in the playground at 3:00 p.m., and then they staged
the protest. Students and teachers called for the authorities to reinstate
the previous headmaster and his two assistants. The school was quickly
surrounded by armed military, and all students had to remain inside,
according to a report by Voice of Tibet Foundation.

An official with the Machu Religious Affairs Bureau, contacted by telephone,
declined to comment on the protest and asked the reporter to call the local
government. No one answered the phone when The Epoch Times reporter tried to
contact the county government and the Machu Tibetan School.

A local resident told the reporter that he had heard about the protest and
the involvement of armed police while he was at work but did not know more

Another local resident said that the armed police were just checking
identification cards inside the school, but that police did not come by her
store to check her ID. She told the reporter she did not know when the armed
police would leave the school.

Dozens of students from the school had staged a peaceful protest in front of
a government building on March 14, the second anniversary of the protests
and riots that had taken place in Lhasa in 2008. Following that protest, the
headmaster Kyabchen Derol, and two assistants, Do Re and another person,
were expelled from the school. The students were detained for questioning
and "education." The authorities threatened to severely punish the teachers
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