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"For a happier, more stable and civilized future, each of us must develop a sincere, warm-hearted feeling of brotherhood and sisterhood."

Tibet Environmental Watch

November 17, 2008
November 10, 2008


"Welcome to the Tibet Environmental Watch (TEW) site [est. 1998 - ed.]. This site will be used to update important Tibetan environmental information as new data becomes available and to build upon the concept of a "Zone of Peace" as presented by His Holiness the Dalai Lama."

Site contents:

* What's New (Environment: The Real Story Behind the 'Roof of the World' August 21, 2008, Yulong Copper Mine in Tibet to be operational August 22, 2008, China to Relocate over 73,700 Nomadic Tibetans in Kanlho intopermanent homes: state media August 18, 2008, Nomadic Tibetans in NW China's Gansu to settle into permanent homes August 16, 2008, Environment China: The third pole. Climate change is coming fast and furious to the Tibetan plateau. Jane Qiu reports on the changes atop the roof of the world. July 23, 2008, Development China: Temblor Throws Shadow on Big Dam Ambitions. China Dams List Wed, June 25, 2008);

* Reports (Archived Reports on Tibet's Environment, Development Reports on Tibet, TIBET: Outside the TAR - by Steven D. Marshall and Susette Ternent Cooke, Racial Discrimination in Chinese-Occupied Tibet, Background on Tibet's Environment, TIBET 2003: State of the Environment, TIBET 2000: Environment and Development Issues, Photographic Essay: Rangelands and Pastoral Production on the Tibetan Plateau in Western China, Options For Tibet's Future Political Status: Self-Governance Through An Autonomous Arrangement, Photographic Essay: Tibet: Environmental Destruction, Tibet: Human Rights and the Rule of Law - International Commission of Jurists (ICJ), Interviews, Visitors' Observations);

* Wildlife (Biodiversity of the Tibetan Plateau - by Tsultrim Palden Dekhang);

* Geography (# Maps of Tibet (Physical Map of Tibet), # Maps of Lhasa (Introduction: Travel Ethics in Tibet, Lhasa: Key to Lhasa Map, Lhasa: West Area, Lhasa: Central Area, Lhasa: East Area, Lhasa: Barkhor Area), # Tibet: Environment and Development Issues Maps (About Environment and Development Issues Maps, Tibet: Under PR China 1949-1999, Tibet: Hydrographic System, Tibet: Agricultural Regions, Tibet: Forest & Vegetation Types, Tibet: Distribution of Principal Minerals, Tibet: Location of Nuclear Arsenals), # Satellite Maps Series (About The Satellite Maps Series, Tibet and Asia, Satellite Map of Tibet, Tibet: Northwest Quadrant, Tibet: Northeast Quadrant, Tibet: Southwest Quadrant, Tibet: Southeast Quadrant), # Historical Maps Series (About The Historical Maps Series, Historical Map of Tibet I: Yarlung Dynasty, c. 7th-9th centuries., Historical Map of Tibet II: From the Late Yarlung Period to the Beginnings of Chinese Expansion into Eastern Tibet., Historical Map of Tibet III: The Western Extent of the Manchu Empire, c. 1800., Historical Map of Tibet IV: The End of Isolation, 1940-49, Historical Map of Tibet V: Chinese Administrative Control of Eastern Tibet, c. 1995));

* Development (Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Appropriate Technologies, Communications, Dams and Waterways, Economic Aid, Economy, Enviromental Damage, Energy (solar etc), Mining, Miscellaneous Issues, Mutiple Issues, Nature Preservation, Power, Population Transfer, Rural Development, Tourism, Transportation, United Nations Development Role, Wildlife);

* Zone of Peace (Introduction, Five Point Peace Plan Statement, 1989 Nobel Statement, Nobel Lecture, Norway, Future Polity, 1994, Tibet Dossier, Tibet As A Zone of Peace, NewsHour Interview: Zone of Peace);

* Dalai Lama; * Publications (incl. Environment and Development In Tibet - A Crucial Issue, 2008, Environment and Development Desk, DIIR, Central Tibetan Administration);
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