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China takes careful aim and shoots it's self in the foot

November 30, 2008

Custom Tibet
November 27, 2008

China's communist dictators have this week cancelled a summit with
the EU that among other things  was due to discuss the variety of
issues that the EU has with China including various trade disputes
and the falsely valued Chinese currency which many feel the Chinese
state is holding at a very low level.

This causes Chinese goods to be valued at an un-realisticly low value
when compared to EU or US goods, the US has urged without any
progress that the Yuan should be allowed to float. This is causing a
distortion in world trade and has allowed China to build up massive
foreign currency reserves.

With the stupid action of the UK government in ditching over 100
years of British position on Tibet (hopefully the old position will
be reinstated soon) China is hoping that the EU will be divided on
the issue of The Dalai Lama which it has aparently cancelled a summit
over. China's Communist Dictatorship who hold imperialistic ambitions
across Asia will not attend the Summit due to French President
Sarkozy meeting His Holiness in December of this year.

If China wanted to split the EU it might have found a better way, to
publicly state this is only going to force the EU to stand against
China, the world's people think the Chinese leaders are a bunch of
Communist Stooges and public opinion will not look kindly on the EU
Kow Towing to such a dreadful bunch of stooges.

The Vice president of the EU has stood outside the Chinese Embassy
with Demonstrators and shouted publicly that China is a terrorist
State see

So I think China's dictatorship have once again made them selves look
like the tin pot dictatorship that they are (Since all dictatorships
are ultimately tin pot in nature).

Europe would like to have talked with China but they will not be told
what to do by the likes of China.

China is facing a dangerous time their economy is heavily dependant
on exports and so they rely very heavily on the west for the
stability of their economy, this reliance is paid back with insults
and vicious attacks on our way of life, there are suspicions that the
Chinese economy is actually sliding into recession however the
government is so corrupt that this information is just not getting
out. China's only hope is that some form of democracy replaces the
utterly corrupt government, however the present dictatorship will not
give up power lightly.

The dictatorship had hoped to buy the Chinese people off with ever
growing economic success but the growing economy was totally
dependant on inward investment and exports, these are now drying up
fast. Chinese banks which have lent vast amounts to people based on
the inflated prices resulting from massive growth are now looking at
little less secure, also millions of Chinese a sizeable percentage
have lot all or nearly all their savings on the stock market, a
country that always saved was encouraged to "Invest" now few have any
money to sit on at all.

China needs the west far more than the west needs China and China
needs to remember this, China's bubble threatens to burst and the
mess will mostly fall on the hapless people of China who suffer under
a totally corrupt regime.
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